The Greek historian Herodotus; The “father of history” and the “father of liesis called.


7 khristapurba Greece and the Balkans, through Europe towards the millennium was the beginning of the Neolithic era. 8 khristapurba century, the arrival of the Bronze Age through the 19th century east maiseniyana ghatekhrista termination of the period of the Proto-Indo-European race of the Greek language, which appeared in the beginning of the karegrise Minoan civilization on the island of Cree, which is one of the oldest civilizations in 1450 from 700 khristapurbabda khristapurbabda the original territory of the Greek civilization, which lasted until the early heladika 2800, which was the duration of the 100 khristapurbabda to khristapurbabda. Minoyanadera found little news, they kind of proto-Indo-European people, in linear (Linear A) durbodhya in the name of which means lekhato not yet been recovered. They were mainly engaged in maritime trade, the use of natural resources and develop their island was fertile, exports were largely timber. Syria, Egypt, Cyprus and the Aegean Sea would be exported, mainly to the right of the Cree, the Cree culture dbipagulotemaiseniyanara took their atmasta.