Greece History Part 1
Greece refers to the history of the Greek nation and conquered the region in the past by the study of the history of the current state of Greece.
Greece inhabited at different times in the history of nations and territories around the boundary has changed. For this reason, the history of Greece joins a variety of external factors. The written description of the specific history of each era bidyamanaprathama Greece maiseniyana known as the original Greek tribe. The last part of the third millennium BC and the first half of the second millennium settled in mainland Greece. Maiseniyana the tribe had infiltrated the region, then there are multiple non-Greek-speaking and indigenous tribes who lived in the original Greek. They are the seventh millennium BC to the middle of the region, agriculture and the spread of Greek civilization asachilabhaugolika from Greece, Egypt and Pakistan was extended to the Hindu Kush. This time, the former Greek empire in various parts of the Greek minority (such as Turkey, Italy, and Libya, etc. lebhyanta regions) are living. Greek abhinibesakaridera in different regions of the world can be found. Greece is currently the most grikera independent country in 1821 and lives in Syria.