Many traditional festivals of the nation on the yellow. Essentially it is a rite of marriage, which is celebrated by the bride and groom both parties. It is the most guratbbapurna raw yellow on yellow. Kanepaksera barapaksa or on behalf of the other party is organized on the occasion of this ceremony and sent many gifts. They are usually organized on the occasion that the party is present. A guest with a gift pakserao other two joined the acare. The groom or bride is implanted on a rug. Everyone from small to large, yellow paste smeared on his face or hand delivered. With the groom or the bride in front of a portion of sweet goods were handed to him. Yellow on the ingredients that are commonly used are as follows: the seats, fan, yellow bowl, yellow rug, wicker Oil, sonda, henna, apasana, towels henna, turmeric ramnamala.