BPL is the game of the players Ashraful

বিপিএল খেলা হচ্ছে না আশরাফুলেরBangladesh Premier League (BPL), which had been banned cricketer Mohammad Ashraful fixing ban was partially lifted on Saturday (13 August).Bangladesh Cricket Board said in a letter to the ICC will be able to play in any format, Ashraful details. However, the game is sure to Ashraful Bangladesh Premier League.At the beginning of the smog issue, but at a press conference organized by the Bangladesh Cricket Board confirmed the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nizamuddin Chowdhury Sujan. He, like BPL-based franchise will not be able to play in tournament Ashraful.He explained, the franchise-based tournament Ashraf was banned on charges of match-fixing, the ban will remain in this format.At the time, asked him the Bangladesh Cricket League (BCL) on. This is why the BCB turnamentatio is based franchise. According to the CEO of the board, we asked the matter to the ICC. The ICC will tell us soon.If you want to know the journalists present, Ashraful professional cricket today can not, in any format, and it did? ” The BCB CEO, what kind Ashraful can play local tournaments, will not be able to play in the tournament of any sort; What decision should be taken in this regard in his letter to the ICC through the details. Then we will be able to divulge details. They (ICC) until obtaining clearance from the professional tournament play or will not be able to practice Ashraful.In fact, due to the fixing BPL 013 8-year-old embargo Ashraful 3-year suspended ban for a special tribunal of the board. Ashraful ban reduced to two years after the Supreme Court suspended the five-year embargo. Accordingly, the ban on former Bangladesh captain was coming up on Saturday 13 August.