Homosexuality is a Sanskrit word-sanjata structure. Sanskrit word meaning the same or similar to one of the sama and the ‘work’ of the meaning of the word sexual needs, as well as sexual satisfaction coitus. But the connection between these two words sound produced by a similar or equal to homosexuality or same-sex people (or animals to other animals) refers to sexual attraction.
English Synonyms homoseksuyaliti Greek homosexuality has been made ‘homo’ and the Latin ‘seksasa “a combination of words. The Greek word ‘homo’ refers to equal or similar. And seksasa ‘means sex .1869 Carl Maria kartaberi sadomi in the English law that condemned the “homoseksuyala’ usage of the word. Later jegara biologist, Gustav and Richard von Kraft phreihara Yibin saikopyathiya the 1880s and homoseksuyala seksuyalisa hetarosaksuyala two words in the book are divided into sexual identity, which was later adopted by a wide range of global sexual identity, as well as sorting and bidbatsamaje hayabartamane homoseksuyala term used in medicine Although the ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ words more popular. What is meant by the term gay gay men and lesbian women and gay people is meant by the term. West ‘gay’ in the sense of the word gay was seen to be the most likely first used in 1920. However, at that time the use of its own tribe was gay. The term first appeared in 1947 to be used in printed publications. Lisa Ben, a Hollywood Secretary ‘Vice Versa: America’s Gayest Magazine’ as the name of a magazine published homosexuality word ‘gay’ was used. And “lesbian” Greece is the word of the “lesbo” from the archipelago. It is, in the sixth century BC by the poet syapho / Madam gay sex lives of the women who wrote, “Poetry Festival” was observed. The first to speak at the lesbian, lesbo island residents’ difficulty, the woman with homosexuality, it is associated with.
Homosexuality in History
Kalabhede social attitudes towards homosexuality in the country and has been observed in several layers. Homosexual relations are considered normal or abnormal, and social indifference, general acute tolerance or intolerance, it is regarded as a kind of minor sins, starting from the legislative and the judiciary, and the suppression of the death penalty in various stages of the adoption or rejection of the homosexual community karecheprak silpayana cultures and historical collections jatitattbagata samples indicated a well-planned, according to the “two cultures, 41 percent of surveyed 4 samples found strong opposition to homosexuality; 1% had taken up position in favor of or against, and 1% said they were not familiar with the concept of a. surveyed 70 59% of the nation’s homosexuality absent or rare in them, and the remaining 41%, according to the presence or sanskrtisamuhe affected by rare nayaabrahamiya religions contrary to the provisions of the law and the church as well as by the divine sadomike ‘biruddhacara nature’ is called. among men, however, denounced payusangamera is older than Christianity, Plato’s daily chores “unnatural” proof of concept of the yayabahu historical figures such as Socrates, Lord Byron, Edward II, hadriyana case of terms such as homosexual or bisexual is applied occasionally. According to some philosophers like Michel Foucault this practice is wrong, because the concept did not exist in ancient or medieval society, sexuality, and so determined in the modern era with the words to explain the situation and the risk is kalabibhratajanita guilt. However, other philosophers challenged this statement on homosexuality janiyechenasamajabijnane “abasyakatabadi” and “gathanabadi” There are differences in views. According to the party, “straight” (heterosexual), “gay”, and the words of the country, as well as culture-neutral term can be used in the case of any person; The party’s supporters believe these words apply to the particular social and cultural context. “Abasyakatabadira” said spontaneous sex is biological abhimukhita kriyabisesa, but “gathanabadira” said baisistyabijnanera acquired the philosopher Michael Foucault says that affect the social gathanabadi Rouge certain pattern With its emphasis on theory in the history of the real situation of homosexuals with the remaining community about their errors Confusion is made possible.
AD 2400 BC in Egypt and Africa khnumahotepa niyankhnuma, who recorded the history of the first homosexual couple is considered. Kissing each other’s noses, they have been portrayed; This stance appears to ancient Egyptian art, the most intimate poses. The figure of the couple are found around many other human-form. They are estimated to be the successor to the couple. Stephen and anthropologist. Will Murray and Lesotho are women, according to a report published rasko approved by society, “the long-term sexual relations” were involved. In this system, the local name “matsoyale”. E. E. Evans observed pricarda DRC regular soldiers from twelve to twenty-year-old boyfriend, male ajande were selected. The oldest of their husbands, lovers, helped with homework and had a sexual relationship with them through urumaithunera.