Referring to the historical statements in East Asia since its inception samapremera achecine homosexuality “cut pitch Romance” and more or less through various examples from the history has been about 600 BC. Many famous works of Chinese literature refers to homosexuality. The classic novel Dream of the Red House on the reviewer described the contemporary homosexual and heterosexual love seems to be a spontaneous equal. Confucian religion is essentially a social and political philosophy of any kind due to the work of the same or the opposite, there is a wide range of restrictions. Bian’s like (弁 而 釵 / 弁 而 钗), and Ming sahityakirtite pranayake Heterosexual homosexual romance and more enjoyable than “balanced” as has been described. [43] Liu Sung dynasty during the late third century writer, Wang claimed that homosexuality heterosexual Listen during the reign of the Tang dynasty in China as chilamadhyayuge rife homosexuality was introduced to the adversity. At the root of the advent of Christianity and Islam. [45] However, this pique formal appearance during the Manchu the westernisation and the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.
Japan recently nabalabdha social tolerance and Tokyo, Osaka and other metropolitan alternative sexuality of the so-called “freed” has been implemented in Japan. But the beginning of the twenty-first century Japan, homosexuals often hide their sexual identity; Many people would consent to the marriage with the opposite sex. [47] samalaingika marriage is not legal in Japan. According to the Japan Times, the political debate on this issue is not important.
South-East Asia
In June, a group of 014 people 0.000 Singapore gay rights demonstrations in support of the Singapore High Court on October 9 dekhayaai year sadomi a series of anti-demanded reforms canceled. The trend could be jailed for up to two years, always.
Indonesia bans openly homosexual and gay marriage illegal [49] However, neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, there is no law and national criminal policies sadomi personal, non-institutionalized, there is no ban on same-sex relationships. 003 abaibahika-homosexuality bill in a national, adultery and witchcraft as a crime in parallel to define a project fails, and so far no bill punahprabartita not equal. Indonesian gay and lesbian movement in South-East Asia and the oldest in the country at the 1982 establishment of the first gay rights organization, with the goal of these activities is the beginning. Throughout the late 1980’s and 90’s decades of “lambda Indonesia” and other similar organizations to develop the nation’s largest LGBT organizations in othebartamane “geya nusantara” and “arusa pelangi” significant. Indonesia now exceeds half the total number of this type of organization. Indonesia, where a dominant role in society, religion, and where the total Muslim population of 90 satansasankhya, where homosexuality is punishable by law as well as other religions, but Islam has demanded the punishment of homosexuality by religious leaders in 2002, the Government of Indonesia’s Aceh province in the northwest, the introduction of Islamic Sharia law Muslim residents, which gives the right to define homosexuality as a crime. In September 014 creating Sharia in Aceh, the government passed anti-homosexuality that is, if no one caught him in retribution for same-sex sexual behavior as well as 100 to 100 months in prison to be beaten with rods. The law was put into effect at the end of 015. [