Homosexuality, gay person to say “romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior” refers to. Homosexuality refers to a person of the same sex as well as sexual abhimukhita “a kind of romantic affection or sexual orientation.” This type of relationship based on personal or social identity, such as a community of people with similar behavior, and this is indicated by the term homosexual to heterosexual hayaubhakamita and continuity in the heterosexual-homosexual sex abhimukhitara to one of the three main divisions of homosexuality sbikrtabijnanira do not know the cause, but they believe that genetic, environmental factors, hormones, and as a result of a complex interaction occurs and it does not have any role in the human conscious choice. They’ve been supporting for more than biology-based hypotheses, including the genetic, mother’s womb environment, or the combined effect of these two things combined with a social impact. Santanapalana or experience of childhood sexual abhimukhita any role in determining that there was not evidence. Some same-sex sexual behavior seem unnatural, but scientific research has shown that homosexuality is a normal and natural variation of human sexuality, and the existence of another without affecting any of the negative psychological reactions do not make it. Changes in sexual abhimukhita enough evidence about the effectiveness of programs, the term is most commonly used to refer to homosexuals neimahila lesbian and gay in the gay, lesbian, although gay men and women are often the word commonly used to refer to both. For various reasons, and the number of self-proclaimed homosexual population is difficult to determine the proportion of the relationship between the samalaingika. One of the main reasons why many gay discrimination samakamabhiti and biparitakamabadera samarthanajanita not openly acknowledge their sexuality. Other animals also documented homosexual behavior patterns hayecheaneka gay people are standing mutual relationship, even though the census form, including the political situation in their favor is the recent emergence of a safe way. Heterosexual relations with the psychological aspects of the formation of an equal relationship. Throughout recorded history, praise and condemnation of same-sex relationships and activities – both to match patterns; Gestures and nuances of expression can be seen only in the sanskrtijanita. From the late nineteenth century to the establishment of the gay rights movement has been launched worldwide, including marriage, adopt and santanapalana, equality at work, military service, health services, equal rights, and minor anti-bullying laws in the interest of the safety of homosexuals.