Messi returns to Argentina Jersey







Suddenly announced his retirement from the national team. Surprised the football world! How Messi decided. However, it was some of his arbitrary decision immediately. In the meantime, his return to the Argentina squad to cope with the retirement of the drama.Leo Messi, the Argentine national team for the President to bring to the millions of fans around the world asking in return. Even Argentine coach Edgardo browser to bring Messi came to Barcelona. But the hero of the 1986 World Cup-winning Argentine legend Diego Maradona believes Messi changed his mind and would not return. Argentine football federation because he blamed weak leadership,However, the player himself, ending speculation he will be seen sky-white shirt again. The Barcelona forward has decided to return to the national team.According to AFP, Messi Management Agency said in its statement. Argentina captain said that, quite seriously thought about retirement. But the country, a lot of my love for this shirt.
In fact, the last week of June century-old Copa America final penalty shootout defeat to Chile, announced his retirement from international football after the team pranabhomara. 014 World Cup finals for three consecutive years, and in all three countries in the final four of the competition failed to win the football star withdrawn. But Messi finally returning to the event is good news for fans of Argentina.