Rebel Shoes The non-cooperation movement across the country is a huge incentive. Ali Akbar Khan, Nazrul Daulatpur Comilla from home for a few days to go back to Comilla from june 19 until he was already here, he became an active political activist. His main job was to attend the procession and singing. At the time of his songs are written and composed by the “mad at his wife’s mother came running courtyard traveler, today’s blood-dawn nightlife / O hear the same / release captive-chain noise” and so on. He had 17 days to move. Back in November, AD 1921 and Comilla. Nazrul was all over India on the occasion of November 1 haratala came down again; Non-cooperation with the procession around the city, and sings, “Give alms! Give alms! Oh, do you want to citizen” – at the time of his poems, songs and essays have been published in the expression of rebellion. The best example is the poem of the rebels. The poem was published in 1922 AD and the rebel Indian literary fame in the society. Nazrul himself described the poem: –Pathabasi pain I ever deprived displaced as a passer,

I Mormo humiliated pain, poison irritation, chest motion perpetually humiliated again

Here I am assuming that perpetually angry languishment, pain sunibira,

Thar-Thar, I voted kiss-thief-vibration-stratum of the Virgin first appeared!

I have a quick glance secret darling, is to dodge anukhana,

I love her vivacious daughter kakana bangles Con-Con.

Great-rebel war-weary

I will be quiet in the day.

Can not molest cry-roll sound in the air,

Ron oppressor kharuga krpana Bhima, Bhumena not ranibe

The rebel war-weary

I will be quiet in the day.


I am perpetually rebellious heroes –

Charaye uthiyachi developed world alone, head forever!

1922 AD Shoes Comet newspaper published on August 1. It was published twice a week. During 1920 the non-cooperation and Khilafat movement was a failure at one time. Swaraj consecutive formation of armed revolutionism that emerged was the cometary contribution to the magazine. Rabindranath Tagore wrote the newspaper blessed,

Kazi Nazrul Islam kalyaniyesu, returns to the comet ayare.

Agnisetu dark dam, in times of trouble you give away the victory durgasire colors.

These words were written at the top of the front page of the newspaper. Magazine, September 6, 1922 issue of the arrival of his poems were published in Anandamoyee. The political poem was published in the November 8 issue of the magazine was banned. 3 November of the same year, the same day his yugabani essays was confiscated and he was arrested in Comilla. After the arrest, he was brought to Calcutta from Comilla. AD 7 January 1923 Nazrul pending a statement to the defense as a prisoner. Suinahora Chief Presidency Magistrate’s Court gave this statement. The statement in the name of Bengali literature, literary status has earned the deposition of political prisoners. Nazrul said this statement:

I complained, I rebel. So I rajakaragare imprisoned and accused the court …. I am a poet, I am non-disclosure in order to reveal the truth, sent by God to murtidanera abstract creations. God responds to the poet’s voice, my words of truth, the Word of God Prakashika. Sebani rajabicare traitor, but nyayadrohi judgment, saying he is not satyadrohi. Publish the truth will not be suppressed. The hand of God in my hand comet fire-torch will burn the evil oppression ….

Nazrul January 16 after a one-year trial was sentenced to hard labor. Nazrul was taken to Alipore Central Jail. The life of the prisoners were passing the (January 1923 AD X) Rabindranath Nazrul book dedicated its spring musical. Nazrul was a special festive. This is the happiest day of joy sitting in jail, wrote with joy.  

Kazi Nazrul Islam
Rebel (poem)
Ball bira
Ball improved my head!
Shir nehari ‘Amari peak himadrira heads!
Ball bira
Ball universe space outpost ”
They left the sun and the moon and planets;
Bhuloka dyuloka goloka bhediya
Seat’s ‘Throne’ chediya,
I bisbabidhatrra uthiyachi ever-surprise!
Mom foreheads god Rudra burns bright royal rajatika Jayshree!
Ball bira
I ever-improving head! I ciradurdama, durbinita, brutal,
Purge I Natarajan, I cyclone, destroyed!
I mahabhaya, I curse Prithvi,
I unquenchable,
I think all shattered to pieces!
I rowdy irregularities,
I go dale the bond, the chain rules!
I do not believe any of Co,
I think full-boat capsizes in full-I torpedoes, I Bhima floating mine!
I dhurjati, I elokese premature storm-Summer
I rebel, I rebel-suta bidhatrra world!
Ball bira
Ever-improved my head! I storm, I’m rolling,
I went to see the road in front of curni.
I dance-crazy rhythm,
I’m dancing in your state, I jibanananda free.
I Hambir, I Chayanot, I’m swinging,
Come on I-agile, thamaki ‘chamaki’
Camaki moment on the go ‘
We phim the three dol;
I capola-capola swing.
I am willing to mind when Brother ‘
Let us intimately with the enemy, hold arm with death,
I’m mad, I’m storm!
I have the plague, I fear the dharitrira;
I-terror regime, destroyed forever excited I am warm.
Ball bira
I ever-improving head! I ever-duranta durmada
I have my life durdama hardam Hai hardam bharapur wine cup. I home-flame, I sagnika jamadagni,
I sacrifice, I am a priest, I am the fire.
I have created, I will destroy my towns, I cremation,
I’m the end of the night. I indrani-suta the moon and the sun Vale
Mom sent by the horn in one hand and a curved bamboo Bansharee; I am the voice of Krishna, stirring baridhira pain-poisoning Pia.
I byomakesa, losing hold of the Gangotri bonds.
Ball bira
Ever-improved my head! I am a monk, tune soldiers,
I am the prince, my rajabesa pale ocher.
I Bedouin, I Genghis,
I do not think kahare kurnisa except to You.
I thunder, I isana-bisane onkara,
I shrngara Israfil great roar,
I Pinak-hand damaru trident, Dharmaraja rays,
I mahasankha-cycle I-Pranab tremendous roar!
I ksyapa durbasa, Vishwamitra-disciple,
I-fires burn, the world will burn.
I cheer the soul-open smile, I-creation of a hostile mahatrasa
Purge twelfth Rabi-I Rahu devours!
I go to the Pacific, kabhu turbulent great tyrant,
I’m Arun murder young, I darpahari rules!
I prabhanjanera Surge, I baridhira mahakallola,
I am bright, I am resplendent,
I’m entertaining water-Dodge-Dodge, Urmi’s swing-swing! – I bandhanahara virgin braiding, slender bahni tonight,
I love sarasija sixteen hrdi-willed, I kept! I unmana, lacking heart,
I cried out her chest-breathing, I bemoan hutasira.
Pathabasi pain I ever deprived displaced as a passer,
I humiliated Mormo-pain, poison-irritation, chest motion dear humiliated again
Here I am assuming ever ksubdha languishment, pain sunibira,
Thar Thar Thar kiss-thief-vibration, I voted for the first philosopher of the Virgin!
I have a quick glance secret-beloved, seeing each anukhana dodge,
I love gay daughter, talking about his kamkana-bangles-talking about.
I have a child forever, forever young,
I nicora youth-paranoid pallibalara amcara kaculi!
I’m bored Anil Purobi north-air Malay-air,
I have deep Ragini traveler-poet, flute and singing-bine.
I am eager heat-tiyasa, I Rudra Sunshine-Sun
We’re going through the desert-cascade’re going through, I’m greenery films!
I keep running turiyanande the madness, I’m insane!
I Dropped me out, I went off the cliff! I rise, I fall, I cite unconscious conscious,
I bisbatorane Vyjayanthi, human-quarters victory.
Applause holidays like Dia storm
Heavens and the earth-karatale,
I ride my uccaihsraba taji borrak
Hemke nerve-hresa away! I agneyadri Boshudha-chest, baraba bahni, kalanala,
I screwed hell, fire-danger-kalarola-call-noise!
I’m riding on tarite, even pop out and let fly with a leaping,
I fear sancari “Suddenly the world, sancari earthquake. Suppose Basuki hood japati
The angel Gabriel fan snake catch fire. I debasisu, I’m restless,
I’m cocky, I tear the world’s regions with the teeth!
I arphiyasera Bansharee,
Sindh High restless ghumghum
Let the whole world to kiss ghum nijhjhuma
Mom Bansharee the required pasari.
I Bansharee Shem hand. Can I get up and leave space chapiya ruse,
Seven out of fear of hell, bottomless abyss can be shaken out!
All the All-bahi course I rebelled! I auditory-flood-flood,
Let’s go to dharanire baraniya, at any time of the destruction dhanya
I will bring chiniya Vishnu-daughter pair of breasts!
I’m wrong, I Meteor, I sat,
I’m burning comet, dark-venomous snake!
I Chhinnamasta Chandi, I sarbanasi RP,
I sat in the fire of hell smile flowers smile! I clay, I am spiritual,
I am ageless immortal, incorruptible, I inexhaustible!
I fear the gods of human monsters,
I’m the world’s ever-indomitable,
I Purushottama creator-God truth,
I’m mathiya tathiya tathiya heaven, earth-hell!
I’m crazy, I’m crazy !!
Suddenly, I got to know me, saying I went off the dam !! The victim, I strongly ax,
I nihksatriya world, will bring peace and calm-hearted!
I was Balram shoulder,
I upari “will lower the joy of creating a new world easily. Super- rebel war-weary
On that day, I will be quiet,
Can downtrodden cry-roll, the sky did not sound in the air,
Krpana sword of the oppressor, never boisterous nature Bhumena ranibe –
The rebel war-weary
On that day I will be cool!
I bhrgu rebel, God gave man the post-mark on the chest,
I sudana-creator, mourning-heat-strikes-will bust humorous rules are different!
I ever-rebellious heroes –
I am alone in the world charaye uthiyachi ever-improving head!