Mesopotamia, the Tigris and Euphrates in Iraq or in the Tigris or the Euphrates River between the two regions was formed. Recently in Iraq, northern Syria, Turkey and Iran khuyestana northern region of the province of Mesopotamia in ancient times was considered to be upset. Mesopotamian civilization is one of the world’s oldest civilization. BC to 3500 BC and 3000 BC in Mesopotamia, one of the most advanced civilization ummesa happened. The region became the world civilization known as the Egyptian civilization was very different from the exterior, and were not protected from enemies too, because of repeated attacks continued on from here to the Bronze Age and the Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian civilization developed Iron Age.150 BC in Mesopotamia, the land adhipatta parsiyanadera were under control, but after the war with the Romans, and the Romans ruled the region for more than 50 years, could not. . At the beginning of the second century, the Persians and took control of the territory until the seventh century, this region is sasanei them. Then began the Muslim rule. Under the rule of the Muslim caliphate in the region later to be known as Iraq.Nadidbayera in the region between the Tigris and Euphrates in Iraq of modern civilization that had emerged mesomatemiya originally known as civilization. South east Anatolia, Turkey Tigris and Euphrates, which flow from the mountains wearing the Persian Gulf. In fact, such a civilization in this region palisamrddha nadidutira helped develop. This fertile region was extended to the north west of the south western side of turning down the ends around the Mediterranean Sea. This fertile region was described as a major turning ardhacandrakrtika. Biksata the history of the Armenian highlands in the south and west of the region and the Arab marubhuma jagarasa surrounded by mountainous region. Positional primitive nomadic Arab culture and the characteristics of the interaction of a mixed civilization of Mesopotamia, which was formed. Civilization in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC and 3000 BC, was the beginning of the maturity of the BC. AD 333, and each other through a variety of community destruction and decadent character antahkalahera gain stability.

This is the true meaning of the name given by the Greeks Mesopotamia, the region between the two rivers. The area was mainly swamps. Jungle of reeds and palm trees was the main banaspati. Over time, the accumulation of alluvial lowlands of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers are filled to create a fertile region. Khrstapurba this fertile area, about 6,000 people came from different areas tend to be gathered. Eventually, they sowed the seeds of civilization in Mesopotamia. In the absence of any protection of the natural systems of the flood and the course of time it became the target of enemies, and a variety of exterior attack to crash. As a result, some of these civilizations flourished Empire. The northern and southern eseriya name was called Babylonia. Akkadian north and south of Sumer, Babylonia was divided into two parts. In fact, this is the Mesopotamia civilization dutijanagosthira creativity crops.

Eighteen hundred century, a statue of the goddess adorable rescued byabiloniyanadera
Mesopatemiyanadera was convinced that the world is a big place, a round disk phamkabisista. They also believed that the sky is heaven and hell under the ground. They were convinced that the earth is made of water through the water and are surrounded by waters. He was a believer in the traditions of ancient mesopatemiyanara bahuisbarabade some religious groups to be changed. Debadebira idol of the ancient mesopatemiyanadera yayadharma evidence of civilization in Mesopotamia to celebrate the pioneers were a lot of people. Each jigurata different classes of people, such as the temple of rich, poor, business, blacksmith, laborers, farmers, etc. of people were sitting arrangement. These people came into its own nagaradebatadera pranamabhakti and used in a variety of offerings. Dharmabyabasthara the identity of the universal civilization can be found.
Science and Technology
The inhabitants of Mesopotamia was the most advanced thinking in terms of the duration of the agriculturist. It was handed down in the temple of surplus crops. Who gave this account of how farmers can harvest the priests of the temple on the hill trying to remember the spots were cut off. Gurutbatai to determine increasingly began to dominate. At one point, the Scriptures mesopatemiyanara mathematics was able to invent and improve. Mesopatemiyadera sexagesimal numbers or sixty were centered. From there, sixty minutes in an hour and a minute sixty seconds is calculated. Moreover, they share in the first year, 1 month and 30 days a month to be calculated.
They initially thought the world was flat like a disc, but later in the first round of the earth and the earth is born the idea of sharing the planned 360 degrees. 1 two zodiac and the idea that they are the first to discover water clock mesopatemiyara karenadhatura byabaharere case had been quite unnati. BC and 500 BC, they began to use copper and bronze. Jigurata various utensils from various temples of Mesopotamia and the sense of observation can be made that they are an excellent combination of copper and tin bronze metal detector. Moreover, the use of glass in Mesopotamia from 1600 BC, is thought to be started.

Neo-Assyrian civilization in the seventh to the ninth century BC tabdira where a murti is a lion of a man’s neck bite. In fact, this was the only means of expression pikatographi written.
Mesopatemiyara that historians have identified as a Semitic language he spoke. Including the exchange of scientific ideas in their everyday life, work and religion prasasanika conducted. The main achievement of the required mesopotemiyadera coloring or lettering primitive methods to convey the message. At first, some of the language was expressed through art arthobodhaka. Scientists call this process citradharmi pikatographi. Mesopatemiyara mainly on mud down through the dry reeds pointy head, but later it would become more barnamalaya takes the form of refinement. Barnamalara approximately 3400 BC through the BC written documents are available. Writing at the time were only used to store calculations. Modern office documents that can be found in the language used by the Sumerians, the first yayasahityera mesopatemiyara for anyone who has been identified by scientists as hemetika language. Homer’s Iliad and the renowned writer odesi likharao sumeriyara nearly a thousand years ago had their own language and literature. Gilagamesa’s name. From the literature surveyed was that the people here are very imaginative. During byabiloniya ruling out their thoughts in writing palaukika noticeable effect. These were literary basuta dharmasrayi.