Clockwise from top: Midtown Manhattan, the United Nations Headquarters, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Times Square, and  the Unisphere in Queens

The Wall Street Journal in an inrejibhasika international daily newspaper, which is published by Dow Jones & Company. It was published from New York City, and its Asian and European editions were published. Between 007 worldwide circulation of nearly two million every day, there are also about 9 million purchase of 31 thousand online customers. It was the United States until November 003 being the highest circulation newspaper, USA Today newspaper and to lose it in the first place. Later in October, 009 in the first place before it gets back to him again. Its main rival is the London newspaper The Times published phinasiyala magazine, and also publishes several international editions.
The Wall Street Journal in the US economy, international trade, and economic news and based karyakramaguloke was published. Its name Wall Street because Wall Street in New York City to find the road, and the road is located in Manhattan, known as the Financial Department of the United States. It is home to the New York Stock Exchange. July 8, 1889, this newspaper has been published regularly since. He was the founding publisher of Charles Dow, odaoyarda Jones, and Charles bargastresara. The newspaper has won the Pulitzer Prize 33 times. Pulitzer Prize in Economics in China in 007 byakadetim report on stock options for the award.