Wall Street in New York City is a renowned road. One of the most important in the world market, the New York Stock Exchange on the road to fame is jagatjora. International Economic Affairs at the headquarters of the daily newspaper The Wall Street Journal is roads. Virtually the twentieth century, “Wall Street” has become the temperature of the global economy. In addition, many major financial institutions in New York Stock Exchange is located in the road. These include the American Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank. The United States Trade Center in New York City in the southern part of Manhattan, near the Hudson River, is located on Wall Street. It is the center of gravity of the US economy. In 1653, the British and the Dutch colonizer local indigenous resistance against the wall, built to protect the soil in this area; Since it is the name of the road on Wall Street (Wall Street) was. The road extends from Broadway to the East River in Manhattan, New iurkera aprasastaoyala Street, which is the main economic regions of the world’s financial capitals as New York, London has become a major competitor.