Some building ruins found between the exposed areas of Bihar. Several of these features of the building could not be identified. Courtyard, dining room and kitchen is located to the south and east. 46 m long brick paved between these two deployment to a drain and there is a row of three wells. There are also offer bulk, administrative buildings, including the central shrine. At the request of the south and east of the pile heaps with 16 stars in the shape of cones. A stage in the middle of a pile of low installed position adjacent to a well seasoned. Other offerings scattered heaps created. Perhaps administrative buildings and other premises in the north and east of the monastery is located in the structures used hataeti. 7 km south of the southern wall of the monastery to be built on a stage were several bathrooms and toilets. Platform east and west and north and south, 823 m long, 3 m wide. Bihar to 10 June the number of rooms connected by a high kick. This road runs parallel to the walls of the convent .5 m wide and 192 m high and has a vault arch. <span title=”সম্ভবত বিহারের বহির্ভাগে অবাধে চলাচল এবং চারদিকে পানি নিষ্কাশনের ব্যবস্থা করার জন্য এইরুপ করা হয়েছিলো।

“>Perhaps outside the monastery to move freely in and around the drainage system had to be such.

About 49 km south east corner of the monastery in the south and about 3.5 m wide at the ghat. 1.5 m wide on each side of the wall. The wharf was built vertically placed bricks and stones were the highest and lowest rung biratakara. The sloping surface of the wharf was down about 1 cm. Ghat was on the thick layer of sand. This is estimated to be involved in the gorge of the river water, especially in the east to the west chilasnanaghata to 1 m have been found in a building which is called locally Gandhesvari mandiraera length and width of 6.7 m, 3.5 m. The front wall of bricks padmasaha full-blown flower design and a wide variety of components used gamthunite looks at the country’s first Muslim era building was built. It has a rectangular hall. Available in the hallway between the octagonal base of a column. The west side of the outer wall produced a 1.4 m square with the arm in a worship room. Moreover, the four niches in the hallway there is a terrace in front of the statue of steps to establish achemandirera. <span title=”এর মেঝে খাড়া ভাবে স্থাপিত ইট দিয়ে গাঁথা এবং গাঁথুনি পাহাড়পুরের অন্যান্য স্থাপত্য-নিদর্শন থেকে পৃথক।

“>Vertically placed on the floor of the brick building was built, and other architectural patterns differ from Paharpur.

<span title=”পাহাড়পুর সংলগ্ন জাদুঘরে সংরক্ষিত উল্লেখযোগ্য যে মূর্তিগুলো আছেঃ

“>Did I mention that the images of the adjacent Museum of Paharpur

1. Camunda sandstone statue
II. Red stone statues of standing Shitla
3. Krishna is Vishnu stone Segments
4. Krishna Ganesh standing stones
5. Sandstone statue of celebrity
6. Dubalhati queen oil
7. Haragaurira damaged statue
Crushed stone statue of Laxmi Narayan 8krsna
9. Black stone statue of Uma
10. Gauri sandstone statue
11. Sandstone statue of Vishnu
1. Nandi statue
13. Black stone image of Vishnu
14. Surya
15. Krishna Shiva stone
16. Sandstone statue of goddess