Bangladesh is a densely populated country in South Asia. The constitutional name of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Geo-politically and in the west and north-eastern border with India, Myanmar and south-eastern border is located on the south coast. Geographically, the terrain is part of a fertile delta. Bangladesh is a country with the neighboring state of West Bengal and Tripura Geographically, ethnic and linguistic region of Bengal is full of meaning. Eastern part of the territory known as East Bengal Bengali, which is now the name of the country of Bangladesh. As a nation-state in the world that a public became Bangladesh in its current borders, was created in 1947 when the British colonial anyatamabanladesera sasanabasane, Banga (Bengal Presidency) and the partition of British India. After the division of the eastern region of the country known as Bengali, the newly formed nation of Pakistan was established as the Eastern Region. While the Dominion of Pakistan to the East Bengali East Pakistan in the name was changed. Exploitation, discrimination and oppression through armed struggle in 1971. Bangladesh was established as an independent and sovereign country. After the independence of Bangladesh, poverty, famine, and natural disasters have occurred at different times; Also of prolonged political instability and recurring military coups and political stability has been disrupted repeatedly. In 1991 the democratic government was restored through mass struggle still continues. Despite all odds, progress and prosperity of the economy in the last two decades and is recognized around the world karechebisbera eighth most populous country in the list, although the size of the US as the world’s 94th Bangladesh; As a result, Bangladesh is the world’s ninth most densely populated countries. <span title=”মাত্র ৫৬ হাজার বর্গমাইলেরও কম এই ক্ষুদ্রায়তন দেশের বর্তমান জনসংখ্যা ১৫.৫৯ কোটির বেশি অর্থাৎ প্রতি বর্গমাইলে জনবসতি ২৪৯৭ জন।

“>This small country of just 56 bargamailerao less than the current population of 15.59 million people in 2497, the population per square mile.

98 percent of the population is Bengali mother tongue; The literacy rate is 65 percent. 201213 fiscal year, the gross domestic product (GDP) amounted to 1198923 million (current market value) which grow 013-14 1350920 money has been raised. At the same time the previous year, the per capita annual income increased from US $ 1,044 to US $ 1,190 has increased the 013-14 has been estimated that the government, which amounts to Rs 92510 cash terms. Poverty rate of 2620 per cent, 11.90 per cent of the number of extremely poor people, and poverty reduction in the annual rate of 1.5 percent. For nearly two decades developing the country’s annual economic growth rate of 5 to 62 percent of the eleventh arjanapurbaka economics has made the list. Enlargement of the capital Dhaka and other cities for this development is the driving force. The center has been working to develop an aspiring middle class, and a capable and active entrepreneurial class showed up and accelerated. Bangladesh’s garment export industry is particularly famous throughout the world. <span title=”জনশক্তি রপ্তানীও দেশটির অন্যতম অর্থনৈতিক হাতিয়ার।

“>Manpower export is one of the country’s economic tool.

The fertile Ganges-Brahmaputra basin is located in monsoon floods almost every year in this country; The cyclone is very common. The main problem of the country’s low-income poverty pervades much of the past two decades has been the rapid increase in literacy, birth control program has achieved unprecedented success. The International Human Resources Development Index exemplary progress in Bangladesh has been able to achieve. However, the country still faces some major challenges, including the diffuse political and administrative corruption, in the context of globalization and economic competition as a result of sea-level rise resulting from climate change to wind alarm. <span title=”এছাড়া একটি সর্বগ্রহণযোগ্য নির্বাচন ব্যবস্থার রূপ নিয়ে নতুন ভাবে সামাজিক বিভাজনের সৃষ্টি হয়েছে।

“>In addition, the system sarbagrahanayogya form a new social divide has been created.

The traditional system of parliamentary democracy. Bangladesh in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, and a founding member of BIMSTEC. The country of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the World Customs Organization, the Commonwealth of Nations, 8 developing countries, the Non-Aligned Movement, OIC, etc., an active member of the international consortium.