There is no time to lose. It will be read out. But you can not be out there without makeup. Lipstick solution. And put a little lipstick on the lips of a brilliant idea came to take a look quickly. Lipastikata those who rarely use the right makeup.
That is a very important role in the decoration lipstick. However, a lot of lipstick to use. Lipstick color would like to learn how to lipstick, tie or take the œ How are these things right rupabisesajna Amena.
Lipstick color to match your skin color. Understand your skin color well in daylight. They are lighter color can be used for all types of bold color. Bold red, maroon, coral, baragandi, dark bronze color all agree well with their skinatonera. Lighter skin tone is lighter than the color looks myatamyate. However, that is not the same with the additional use of the fact that he should be. Palm bold, red berry skinatonera excellent for this.
Olive color or light brown, dark-colored lipstick for those that do not fit too. Pink, Orange, Purple, cherry red, the color of light brown suits them very well. There is an issue with the choice of clothes and lipstick. If you are using dark-colored clothing as bright lipstick color, choose any ranakei. Blubeja for those whose skin color is dark red, myatalika ruby red, deep-colored lipstick, Winer is quite striking.
Choose a slightly darker color: skinatonera needed to be seen with the lip color. Leap usual one or two tones darker than the color of lipstick colors you choose.
Take a look before you buy: Check the color of lipstick before buying it on the hand or finger is OK. Lip color is a lot of color around the back of the hand.
Mekaapabihina in the Tri: no makeup face when they try to see if there will be any more lipastike suit you. And that is no problem to use the time.
Color shirt the same color lipstick should not be used. Ñ such as dark red robe adorned with a dark red lipstick red adhikyai you’ll see when you use; Other provisions will not be seen again. Avoid clothes that are very close to the color of lipstick.
The guidelines lipstick
At the same time, do not use eye makeup and dark lips. Use light-colored lipstick on the lips of the dark eye makeup.
Natural colors such as light pink, light brown, the color is more casual garb with the suit. Lalaranera lipstick look brings a brightness. However, with the red lipstick red or large print dress is like if you do not use.
Red lipstick in a shade of pink. For daily use of the natural lip color one shade darker than the lipstick you can choose two. Do not tinker with ever more lipstick. Using any shade of light red berry with lanera lipastike casual everyday look and a summary can be.
Apply lipstick
Lipstick is put over the lip outline. To outline the lips thick or thin you can choose to take it.
After drawing the outline of the upper lip brush to apply lipstick. Take the lower lips. Take the pressure off excess lipstick with a tissue.
Buy Age brands like lipstick.
Buy Age at date expires.
Keep refrigerated Age lipstick, you can use a long time.
Age lipalainarake use as a base. Will be long-lasting lipstick.
If you do not like lipstick will not leave any age; Use another color to the mix.
Age 40 and over who they would be better off if you do not use the Shiny or glossy lipstick.
Do not use any kind of whitish Age lipstick