According to the survey, women are the world’s leading online Biz Ness.

দিন দিন জনপ্রিয় হয়ে উঠছে অনলাইন কেনাকাটাAt present, it has become a popular online business. As a result, many women at home has become interested in the business. It does not require large capital investments or a large showroom. Many people have started businesses with little capital and social yogayogamadhyame becoming
A successful entrepreneur. <span title=”এসব নিয়ে লিখছেন সুমাইয়া হাবীবা

“>They are writing about Habibah sumaiya

Currently, the most popular means of creating a business. The virtual world commerce. As well as keeping men and women have become interested in doing business.
Look around and see the different sites, such as the remarkable participation of women in business. Yogayogamadhyamagulo especially social sites like Facebook are becoming their primary workspace. Many people have started using social media business with sbalpapumji. No big capital charge, there is no shop rent disturbance. As a result, on the corner of the room, leave a few days until he naritio nowadays dream to do something for yourself. The courage to take the initiative.
Puspita Chowdhury. The owner of an online business site. Some of his student life he dreamed of. But the marriage did not work out, and that the pressure of the world. Many problems of working women would shake him violently disorder. So has the courage to do something. But now, sitting in the family can handle it all. Support of the people is worth doing. His was a different identity. Again, if necessary, can help the world, as well as her husband. Three to five thousand dollars a month, he said.
There were many people who needed some extra income for the family business appeared. Many families did not get the support and encouragement of the puspitara. Outside of non-cooperation, it was also belittle. Some traveled many obstacles hills. He is the first to cross the same ups and downs of a woman entrepreneur Afrin Begum (pseudonym). He was not a smooth start.
The product was exposed to a lot of sarabarahateo jhakkijhamela. Could not rely on wholesale vendors. Their families could not support and encourage those who have been harmed unlimited. Many men say nonsense online. Many abuses have so far. Male counterparts in many ways wanted to be back in competitive prices increased competitive profession to another. Now the situation has changed. Padacaranai than women. Many took the job as. Buyers has increased. There are a lot of men as well as women buyers.
Another highlight is the online aspect of the welfare of almost all genres of women becoming active. Starting from young modern women, as well as to educate passed bisbabidyalayapara Barua or less ordinary housewives, but the throng. Even Islamic Many women are involved in this profession. There are so many online institutions. Which is run by conservative women. People are reluctant to work outside, they spent at home. Again, these buyers are conservative families. At untimely or lack of a partner, who can not go out shopping.
Likewise, an online women entrepreneurs Shahina Akhter Moon. The Company conducted the icon of Islamic sites. Talk with him. She pracarakendra social networking madhyamai their main advertising. A few years ago, the three began their business with capital of just Rs 3500. Today, it has become a huge mahiruhe power-rebound across many of their business sites. Today is a day to earn up to 50 thousand rupees. On his shirt, shoes, burqa, hijab scarf, starting from khimara are sold in almost all types of women. As additional benefits, as well as ready-made tailoring service is provided.
He started wearing hijab, but now all kinds of women, considering women for their customers today. Especially working women. Inspired by them, many women today are businessmen, he said. They offer a variety of special occasion dibasagulote Assorted an offer. Again, being developed through a community. Together with the initiative sometimes melarao different sites have been organized. Naturally, the presence of women more than men, and Mela, but not less than male buyers.
What do you think about careers in the increasingly popular narisamaje our sages. Rashida sociologist Professor Nasir Irshad know what to tell you. Codes This is very good for our society. A large section of the society backward, the development of the society are not left idle. Emergency use of merit. Maintaining family responsibilities, women are unable to move. What could be more pleasant than in the context of the country! Women are still the beginning of something new that is curved. It has become a tradition in our kind of false. However, I hope that all efforts will be cut.
Fahmida Khatun, a successful entrepreneur. Cox conducted his own business site. He said the business is profitable enough and convenient for both sellers and buyers. Particularly for women. Many of her works. He is moving toward branding. Several men and women working under her. Sewing, handiwork, handicraft, marketing, etc. As a result of the work of women in the employment of disadvantaged women. He said an interesting thing, in the eyes of many men curved saw many men who encourage them. To work with them. As a delivery boy, Suppliers, sarbhisamyana so many nomenclative upapesaya worked all men. Women entrepreneurs are working under and intimate relationship with the work.