Britain’s second female prime minister Theresa May

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Do you want to assert yourself. But go ahead successfully. That is a very hard-working. He began the day ordinary people, rather than two or three hours before the cabinet at least four or five times more work than any other member. Theresa May was three times that of all things. Cook the seasoned hand. Her collection of over 100 recipes in the book. There walked keep the physical structure. UK’s new prime minister took office as the indomitable woman July 13 (016) on Wednesday. Cameron’s government was the last minister. Successfully worked there. After Thatcher became Britain’s first female prime minister in The Iron Lady myargareta Theresa May. After taking office, he said, I will form a government, the government of the people, not for just a handful of the beneficiary, but would continue to work for all people.
Theresa went to Buckingham Palace to meet with Queen Elizabeth II. And there was a new government officially accepted the invitation of the Queen. Theresa returned to live in the building, from the Queen’s 10 dauninstrite. There he addressed the nation. The speech, he said, will be the government of all the people. The UK government’s main task will leave a better gift. Laboring or any sort live, and he promised that the next issue.
Farewell speech, Cameron said, in the last six years I (Cameron) have worked for the betterment of people’s destinies. Theresake warm congratulations to his successor, he said, is the common responsibility of Theresa meo not be hesitates. Conservative Party leadership contest Andrea lidasama (competing) announced to step down on 11 July (Monday). Theresa was elected leader of the party. Prior to having a referendum on Britain’s EU judgment. Cameron then announced his resignation. Cameron has led the EU to do. Why he resigned.
Theresa May, both Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party. There are some differences between them. Thatcher was also opposed to the European Union. Theresa wanted to go to the other side and not from the European Union, or EU. But now is theresakei breksitera leadership. Now the question is, Is it bad luck for him? Now, think and say theresake breksitai breksita means. And do not think about it, there were (Theresa) June 3 after the referendum. The people welcomed him.
Theresa May was born in 1956 in southern England istabane (a coastal city). Began her studies in a local school. Aksaphorderao was a student. At that time, however, he did not see the nature of the shadows. Theresake have never seen the light of publicity rows or like a modern politician.
Theresa has extensive experience working in the banking sector. It is understood, better known to her banking administration. However, like his practice healthy politics. And that’s what happened in 1997 to enter politics. Conservative Party came to power in 010. He was given the responsibility of the Interior Ministry theresake. It can be said, it is one of the most important and difficult daphataragulora. Since then go to work at the office. Experts said, still bartiyeche responsibility in the hands of the right or hard. Because he was a great worker. Just do not leave enough work, administrative work beyond office-bearers understand. He understands well beyond Theresa May. Cameron said today than ever before in our nation strong, to believe. Theresake said he wishes, I believe he will present strong and stable leadership. However, it can be said, there are more challenges in front of Theresa, in addition to breksita. Breksita still divided over the country and his party. In this context, Theresa said, “There will be no problem. The solution will have to be patient and understanding with everyone applying. “Andrea breksitera remain for the most qualified person to implement the theresai breksita. Because here you need a stable government.
Jim kalaghanera (1976), after Britain’s most senior pradhanamantri Theresa Mei, now almost 59 years old. The five candidates in the race to become prime minister. Theresa from her elected. He says that many of the ‘second Iron Lady’. Currently, there are 68 women members of parliament of the ruling Conservative Party. Member of the House of Commons (total) 330. 99 of the 230 MPs are women. Mary Theresa meke meo has been called.