One of the ornament decoration materials. No sajai was completed, unless there is ornament. As well as any festive occasion, even daily wear-to-do part of any ornament women typically associated harnesses. A pair of small earrings or rings, or whether it’s a chain. During the wedding, the bride is the most important jewelry. Ga-filled jewelry suit without a bride! Buying longer afford gold jewelry market is not easy. But what do women sajabena ornaments! So as an alternative jewelery is made of silver. Gold and silver jewelery as an alternative to appreciate most. Although quite common adalabhabe silver jewelery. <span title=”অনেকেই রুপার অলঙ্কার পরতে পছন্দ করেন।

“>Many people like to wear silver jewelry.

Silver jewelry is popular because of the building, with silver, like gold ornaments can be made flexible and the prices are affordable. Therefore, the demand for silver jewelry.
At this time, the beautiful jewelry of silver has been introduced. Fancy jewelry made with silver gives users a surprise. Jewelry was missing a lot of strength has returned. Gayanaya come through a lot of diversity. Rate, sitahara, fixture, chick, necklace, campanula, iyarim, gust, tikali, bracelets, bangles, ratnacura, manatasa, Payal, komarabandha much more difficult to put an end to the name of the jewelery. However, the design has undergone a lot of changes with respect to the silver jewelry. Gayanaya blend of modernity with the old novelty. Now, a lot of interesting silver ornaments. New materials are being added to the silver. Emerald, ruby, turquoise, pearl jewelry, etc. Stone adds the new design. Dijainagulote American diamond is more common at the time. The Kundan, bidasa, pearl silver ornaments tarsela Ñ they are being brought through the use of innovation. Not only the material, silver has raneo change. Gold teeth, as well as silver-colored, copper, bronze, silver jewelry is made of oxidized, and tincture, silver ornament making, which is more interesting.
Now, boys and girls, as well as the fancy things that are made of silver. Especially bracelet. <span title=”তাই ছেলে-মেয়ে উভয়ের কাছেই রুপার অলঙ্কার বেশ জনপ্রিয়।

“>Therefore, silver jewelry is popular with both boys and girls.

Silver jewelry care
– Water, air, and jewelry Keep away from heat.
– Gold plated jewelry, wood or glass shelves hold. Plating will be good.
– Silver jewelry to use cotton bags.
– Camphor bag and a piece of dark spots rupate not be kept.
– Jewelry to wear makeup and perfume before applying. Gayanaya that does not touch them.