Know what your hair type before using shampoo. If the hair is normal, if not normal to use shampoo. Oil-based hair shampoo for oily hair, dry hair shampoo and choose niprana. After cleaning the hair with shampoo and apply conditioner. If you use a moisturizer oily hair conditioner. Smooth and Silky Shine conditioner or dry hair, choose the narisim. Total Care Conditioner or all of the normal type of hair, use hair conditioner.
Normal and dry hair
Get hot oil treatment for normal and dry hair. Heat olive oil or coconut oil to the hair roots and massage the hair thoroughly and apply. Towels soaked in hot water to heat up around 10 minutes. The shampoo in the morning the night before a day of oil. The towel in the morning heat.
Oily hair
You do not need to oily hair oil. Πmove Amla hair shampoo pack before use. Amla packs are available in the market to buy. The cheese made by mixing the powder room again myrobalan. Keep the hair for half an hour. Then remove shampoo.
Use a good shampoo brand quality. Use conditioner after shampoo. There are methods to use shampoo. First, a little water to mix with shampoo.
At the tip of the hair roots and apply it better. A two minute massage. Then wash it with more water. Use conditioner after shampoo according to hair type. Similarly, from the base to the tip of the hair conditioner on for more than a minute massage and wash with water. After washing it with a towel to remove the coarse dentists ciruni to scratch. Dry hair, dry hair is better not to use.