Suddenly father was shocked to hear the news. The girl ran away from home! He explained to her parents, both of them went karmeetra; Only younger brother were in the house. Brother went to the bathroom when the girl was gone from the house. There was a lot of happiness to their family. Very cool girl. A third-year student of English Department of Dhaka University. Father daughter’s marriage with a good family relationships are discussed. Facebook paraciyera girl who goes to a boy named Raihan sources. When the father found the boy on his daughter’s friendship with the information, all the information was false. How did a woman cheat with false information on Facebook. Regrettably father, she deceived her so calm down gold pieces were broken. Facebook was invented? This is why the discovery of such a defeat is my daughter!
Not the fault of the invention, the use of fault. In the past there were pigeons means of communication. Correspondence to communicate through the next digit in the scope of the spread. The time evolution of communication today is more sophisticated than the latter. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc., and emoticons.
Facebook social network
In this age of globalization, the world today fingertips. Now the whole world through social networks or social networks under one roof. Facebook is the social networking sites. A user information with all his friends, photos, videos, etc. can share. Through his good and bad, anusthanadi, marriage, etc. Thousands of information about news, photos or videos can be shared. As a result, the relationship is changing our everyday lives, thoughts and goals. Facebook has made it easy to communicate with people dear. Modern man has become the virtual people. Many of the residents of the Internet is making them himself. People are either known or unknown to many friends list.
Many people seem to be a true friend to a friend on Facebook, and Facebook information to each other through friendship pathanokei considered. But true friendship deeper, more sincere, more real. So IT friendship true friendship as happy if it is to be taken into account assessments. Otherwise, it is impossible to damage.
Facebook is a medium whose benefits can not be done. But this advantage can become a headache many times. In particular, girls can be harassed in many cases. Aparacita can call anyone on the night. Without taking any permission to add a lot of different groups. Others invite his name off the pages, images, or links to offensive posts status is down. These problems are all more or less suffered. However, some caution is also important to keep yourself safe. One. Friendlist place before anyone had seen her profile, no friends, not strangers. Two. Strong kept his password. Three. Label options closed. Four. Publicly do not post any private shares. Five. Personal Information (name, phone number, place of work in the educational institutions, etc.) to mentena privacy.
Facebook’s positive and negative dika
If there are positive aspects of Facebook; If they are, and if there are negative aspects; What if they type. Facebook especially any negative or positive effect can be seen heavily. Facebook can be seen from the data obtained positive side, 17 percent to 50 percent of the students said, is to keep the news of the world. 15 percent said that loneliness is eliminated through the use of Facebook. Said 18 percent to 75 percent, as a result of the use of Facebook and various social activities known to be involved in these activities. About 8 percent of the 75’s to share. 5 percent to 46 percent of people said, Facebook sbalpabyaye a means of communication. In addition, the old friends found 3 percent to 50 percent. 35 per cent of the students reported friends. Facebook is the negative side of the data obtained Ñ Twenty percent to 50 percent of the respondents said, as a result of the use of Facebook is a waste of time. Facebook is 13 percent to 75 percent, said their family life in turmoil brings students. Twenty percent to 50 percent of students rdhasaba dear, said the confusion. In addition, 7 percent to 50 percent of fraud victims said. 5 percent to 11 percent, says the image of women students of sordidness. 5 percent said sleep late at night is 75 percent, 75 percent and eight percent said sanghatitabhabe to crime.
Some recommendations
1. Many Facebook users are experiencing problems, so it is better to do without the need to use Facebook.
II. Anyone under the age of 18 use Facebook to make the vision of the authorities should be given special attention.
3. Facebook user ID for the opening of the cases, whether you have 18 years to prove the voter ID number is displayed. That is, except for the voter ID numbers that do not have the opportunity to open Facebook ID.
4. Facebook available because many false name or ID is used to manage multiple accounts. Many are victims of the fraud. This is to prevent fraud that users should not open more than one Facebook ID so that the law is applied.
5. Starting from the 13-year-old Facebook uses people of all ages. Here there is a lot of data types are not compatible, or for everyone; So Facebook should maintain ethics cases. And to provide moral education siapratisthane Facebook to highlight the importance of kindness.
6. Facebook is a kind of excitement, and the students spend a lot of time. The students study the ti’s not waste time on unnecessary crime should be careful. In other words, one must be aware of siarthike Absolutely! Facebook cases, the use of Facebook as a result of the study is not harm.
7. Facebook user since the age of 13 have been diagnosed. Many in this age group are using it, so that youngsters are not cheated and that the use does not cause addiction in adults should be aware of.
Yugantakari social network communication has improved. It is true, as many of us in the media have created new problems and crisis. Therefore, everyone should be aware. For example, a woman should be aware of the use of Facebook as a child, her mother should be aware of what she is doing.