On Twitter, the most active Bollywood stars Rishi Kapoor is one of them can be seen. <span title=”এবার তিনি সরব হয়েছেন বর্তমান প্রজন্মের পোশাক-আশাক নিয়ে।

“>He has been vocal in the current generation of dress.

Recently, he was at the clothing store in Mumbai’s famous’ jaraya. Expected to buy clothes look good. But sorting clothing stores, which sees the helm, became his forehead and eyes. <span title=”দেখেন যে, দোকানে সাজানো রয়েছে যত রাজ্যের ছেঁড়াখোঁড়া জামাকাপড়।

“>Seeing that, the state has arranged elbows clothes stores.

Rishi Kapoor tweeted bother asking her return home ” is jaraya cell. Buy a begging begging two Free. ” Sages have indicated that they are paupers wearing apparel being sold.