There was an ancient Arab city of Petra. Wadi Musa, Jordan to the south and west of the village at the foot of the hill, just before Hu’s position. From 400 BC to 00 BC, it was the capital of the state of nabataina. The fort was a very safe city of Petra. It is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty and important monuments. It has been made somewhere in the cave, which is just 1 foot wide stone wall above his head. Next to the cave is hard stone embedded in the wall on the ancient buildings of the temple, of which the most famous is the khajaneta phirauna. The temple is also known as the treasures of the pharaohs. There is also a theater where a ardhagolakrtira can sit together around 3,000 visitors.

Petra was very secure and economically prosperous city. Petra was a rock band and an endless jharanadhara. Basra and Damascus in the north of the Gaza Strip and the West side of the Red Sea with the Persian Gulf desert akuyaba and Lewis, and the main ways to control all commercial trade was in full swing when samudrakendrika during petraromana Petra is quickly destroyed. To 106 AD the Romans occupied it is within the province of the Arab petraiya. The second and third centuries contributed to the development of the city, but subsequently took possession of the rival city pamira Petra Petra’s most banijyai decreases.

They took possession of it in the seventh century, Muslims and Crusaders in the twelfth century, it took kramekrame it was destroyed again. Moreover, in 363 was destroyed by the earthquake which destroyed the buildings of the water circulation system. Petra became the focus of interest is the medieval ruins.

Hardiyena door
Petra went to the thirteenth century, the Sultan of Egypt baibarasabahu years after the ancient city unknown to the western world, the Swiss traveler, Johann ludiga burkhardata unveiled in 1812. John William Berg of its award-winning family of niudigeta sanete each describing a rose-red city half as old as time is. But Berg did not petrate. It could not be. Until after the First World War could only iuropiyanarai there. Local people had to go out there and weapons. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1985. Petrake the Universal Declaration is one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage. Petra culture, wealth and power that once had much to prove rich enough dhbansabasesai Petra.

1. That’s some early mosques of the Muslims was the focal point of the city of Petra.

II. A group of Muslims who are themselves “followers of the Koran,” claims to be (code 19 / sabamitarasa), yet still prays for Jerusalem qibla. They believe that the Prophet Muhammad was born in the city of Petra, where he preached the religion. They follow the kalaprita Rashad Khalifa.

3. The city of Petra and the Dead Sea is quite near Jerusalem. Lot’s of common sense dhbansabasesa sadama gamera located below the Dead Sea. H133138 verse 37 of the Qur’an for the “day and night, you cross the ruins,” the words of the Prophet Muhammad’s home ground nagarikei Petra as they are identified.Petrake is the city of roses