Samba handful of popularity in Japan!

সাম্বার জনপ্রিয়তায় জাপানের থাবা!

The familiar rhythm. The madness known. The familiar environment. The only difference in the country. Not in Rio de Janeiro. The picture in Japan. What arrangement eighty-samba festival is being organized by the country since sunrise. <span title=”এ নিয়ে অনেকেরই ভাবনা, ব্রাজিলের জনপ্রিয় নাচ সাম্বায় আগ্রাসন বসাচ্ছে জাপান!

“>Many of the ideas, the popular Brazilian dance sambaya aggression taking Japan!
Samba festival in Tokyo was thirty-five years old. Asakusara brisk dance-songs on the road now. Ignoring the rain samba artists of the steps the country has joined the sunrise. Since the exception of just two thousand eleven. MAG Osmani was the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. Samba was closed due to the festival.

জাপানের আসাকুসায় সাম্বা উৎসব

Asakusaya Samba festival in Japan, nearly 5 million people in the crowd. One of them said, ‘I’m dancing and is very jealous to see their style. Should my age, I could dance like them! ‘According to harayamara mitasuko, “It feels great. But I would like to see the original Samba. What is Brazil. It’s also not bad. We’re having fun. “

জাপানের আসাকুসায় সাম্বা উৎসব

Tokyo’s relationship with Brazil is very well politically. Nearly fifteen million Japanese in Brazil. Two of the country’s cultural showed deep. Samba is therefore in the shadow of Tokyo.


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