Lesabosa island syapho to women and girls who wrote many poems. Responses have not seen any poem, any poem replies can not be seen again. Perhaps, however, girls wrote poems syapho to 12000 lines. However, only about 600 lines are available. He is known as the ancient poet gay men and women.Syapho thiyasosa or alpasiksita woman was known as the Greek society. There was also the introduction of homosexuality in society, however, girls that age. Syapho malakinera somewhere with his students wrote poems purpose of this was somewhere between ordinary women. After the emergence of city-states, marriage is an important part of society and culture became. Girls was under house arrest. Thiyasosara is lost. From his childhood love how the girls should be taught responsibility and future husband was. Socially thakenispartara no place in the history of homosexuality and women in the teacher-student sexual relations information. It is known that the naked girls to take part in sports. Simaposiyama is mentioned in Plato’s women, not men who could have borrowed, but also had relationships with women. In general, however historical sexual relations between women is sparse.