Mir Qasim Ali, accused of crimes against humanity have been executed. On Saturday night, 10 to 30 minutes is the execution. Shahjahan Bhuiyan, led by an experienced executioner executioner war crimes location Mir Qasim was executed. Police and prison officials executed war criminals infamous Executive Order Mir Qasim Ali reached the jail in the afternoon. To the execution of the war after the inspector general at seven in the evening, Inspector General of Prisons, Brigadier General Iftekhar Uddin entered the prison. Then at 8pm the district civil surgeon Dr Ali Haider Khan, 55, and Police Superintendent Mohammad Rashid entered the prison. He entered the prison at night at Gazipur Deputy Commissioner DC SM Alam. Around three o’clock before an ambulance to take the body into the prison. Mir Qasim on Saturday at noon to enter the prison, the prison officials executed karyakare Overall directed Colonel Iqbal Kabir, additional inspector general. According to the source, before they entered the jail cell kanadema Mir Kashem dinner around 8 pm show. He was bathing at 8 pm at the end of the meal. Mir Qasim Ali, then prays. The imam of the mosque who teaches at around 9 Helal Uddin Mir Kashem repent. The execution took the stage around 8 armed guards. Shahjahan Bhuiyan, led by 50 at 9 pm, five minutes hanger Mir Kashem war brings to 40 the number kanadema cell from the gallows. He adorned the way to yamatupi jalladara. Mir Qasim was wearing a noose around his neck after taking the stage.