Roberts, who was a pirate bartholumiu Wales between 1722 to 1719 attack on the ship was off the coast of West Africa, from the Americas. He is the most successful pirate of piracy sbarnayagera who attacked the ship and took gifts to more than 470 of his career. He is also known as Black Bart, but has never been used this name in his lifetime. Nor is this the risk of embarrassment to the Western American Outlaw Black Bart Roberts rayechebartholumiu kyasanaida bacaba Little Newcastle, pemabrukasayara, Wales and hyabharaphordaoyestera between phisagarda was born in 1682. Idea in 1695 when he was 13 years old when he went to sea, but until 1718, the data is not available any more. In 1718, he was in Barbados Matt Slopes.

In 1719, he servants ship under Captain Abraham palm princess Matt was third. In early June the same year Princess anumabute Gold Coast in West Africa, was attacked by pirates. Huoyela Captain Davis led them with two vessels were attacked by pirates. Wells, who was captain of the pirates adhibasi like Roberts. Some of the crew members to become a princess rabartasasaha jorapurbaka jaladasyute hayadebhisa soon as the navigator who discovered Roberts’ skills and started taking advice from him. He oyelsera Roberts relied on information from the crew of the other information is hidden rakhenabala Roberts to start at the beginning of his career as a pirate, but he was unable to unwilling to avail this new lifestyle. Captain Charles Johnson says:

Normal service is to be an honest man, but the work is less than the wages. It fertility and satisfaction, joy and comfort, independence and strength, and those who could not keep krtitte adjust, while at the hazard is submitted, the worst time to be choking the guy’s face? No, the happy life, and the brief exception of my life motto.

On February 5, the soldiers led by Captain Chaloner ogalera eisaemaesa Salon ships conducted a surprise attack on the pirate ship. Three of the pirate ship, the Royal Fortune, the Ranger and the Little Ranger Cape Lopez, who was attacked at sea. Salon pirates to avoid a large group changed direction and decided to turn to the other side thinks it’s a fleeing merchant ships by pirates. The Ranger was James skairama risk. When the pirates began firing signal to one another and are open to the Salon painting artillery fire was started. Ten pirates were killed in artillery shelling and James lost his leg, but refused to leave the deck. Finally, the renjarake was forced to change its color and jibita crew were detained on February 10 lopeje Salon Cape Royal pharacunake there to come back and see. Neptune had captured the previous day and the crew was drunk all the time, Roberts’ crew, but more was needed. The pirates initially thought the ship, a sailor who had fled from the Rangers, but the ship Salon recognize and Roberts news. Roberts then had breakfast with Neptune’s master, Captain Hill. Before the war, as he usually wear a beautiful dress and began to prepare for war as a beautiful dress waited on this day.

Salon on the side of the pirates had planned to pass in silence, and when they escape, they will be able to spend on the side. But sarenra Royal pharacunake failed to keep the course. Captain Roberts, who was standing on the deck of an injury to his neck pierced grepepasatera and he died. Yakana ogali Roberts found dead or buried at sea Roberts said he wanted to be. According to his last wishes, his crew, he was buried at sea. And then it could not be found.