I chuyemchi the sky from the ground
Across the sea
I sat on a different planet garechi
Not you my sorrow.

I chuyemchi fire
I have seen the grief
Did it on the rocks
I picked up suffering from pain
Aaja been frozen.

The center of my chest
The forum’s homestead
He was born khanete
The provisions of the loss.

I have the world today
We have litter-free
I’m leaving today
Far away from
I myself strong.

I hurt my pain
My eyes sea
My chest bleeding
Unfortunately stopped marking.

I got to know him today Dropped
Marudyane pain
I gave away
Have mercy
Aasraye deception.

I have poor
Yourself Today
Love bisarjane
I want to be happy
You have to be happy
Take your tumike.