I’ll see you another time, would be to avoid all crowded;
The intersection of the road may be, the end of the afternoon trademark cynicism;
If the sound of the wind rainy season takes away the umbrella;
The prevalence of peanut leaf incessant drive to give the green camp |

You come back and stand batatale the century-old, laughing light;
Where no one was begrime Hypothesis;
Fatigue was not the blazing sun, was just receiving cheer;
Come another time sun bath, leaves poetry in public melting |

Let’s walk another bar, another bar to eye cry tonight
Let laid hands filled with the fragrance of another time;
I just hear you say, I just heard;
Your doll’s fall will melt combined reclining ekakare |

Another time I write in verse to rhyme dispute;
What Axle ash wrote, ranani your eyes again;
The repeated failure will not ruin the end;
Another visitor’s dream bar section, makhi happy clay |