Hair artist to jump away, the wind tossed
A woman came up samukhe.
Fountain pen toward artists
Freaky thirsty hands with the match-plate karaputa
– “Do not Give a drawing!”
Lift up your eyes and see a beautiful pumiyera neya stem,
Kanti madira come down the slopes, silk culera
Clouds covered half moon.

Slogan vocal artist’s hand. Spring throwing nakachabi
No, he’s going to scratch both active
Ardhanagna chubby matron.
Thar-Thar canvas, lips tremble slightly gray ship sbare
– “I … slow down!” Cry of pain karaputa vein.
– “What halo, no problem?” Rang sunken consciousness
Whistling young man, young woman’s hand still betasalata elano!
Kisses the apron covered in the late afternoon, ripe swing Nakshi
To walk away,
– Today, however, come,
Came to the evening!

  • Come on,
    Come every day, come pratiksana,
    One evening they will be expressed as,
    Come to light through the night,
    Come repeated; Often
    Come back …