Power Uddin Muhammad Bakhtiar Khilji, a Turkish commander. 1205 or at the time he was 6, the last king of Bengal, the ruling dynasty, defeated Lakshman Sen Sen Sen Goud was captured.

He was the first part of life in Afghanistan garamasira or modern ways dasatai-residents. Not much is known about his childhood. However, he seems to be poverty, oppression, and left the country’s workforce went on to try and make other people like. Sultan Mohammed of Ghazni turn the army, he became the first cakuriprarthi failed. Possessing ugly face in the form of short and long arm failed to attract general. He appeared in court in New Delhi Qutbuddin Aibak Ghazni failed. He failed to get a job there. He went badaune. Bakhtiar Uddin, owner of the Hizb khalajike the governor gives cash-paying job in the army. But little mercenary soldiers uccabhilasi Bakhtiar could not be satisfied. Shortly after he left badauna to ayoddhaya. Mirzapur district in the south east corner of the present ruler of Oudh husamauddina bhiuli bhagabat and gave the fief of the two Parganas. Bakhtiyar here and find the source of the future development of these two paraganai later became the source of his strength.

Bakhtiar in 1201 to collect two thousand soldiers attacked the neighboring Hindu kingdom and began to spoil. At the time of his heroic adventurer sides started to spread, and many in the Muslim soldiers to join his army. It began to increase its force levels. If this trend continues, one day he came to the place and attacked the fortified citadel. Opponent did not give any obstacles. When he saw that the inhabitants of the fort and the shaven-headed durgajayera castle filled with books. After being questioned, he found out that he has won a Buddhist monastery. It was odanta or Odantapuri Bihar Bihar. Since that time, the place of Muslims in Bihar Sharif, Bihar or the name of Bakhtiyar Khilji after winning dakebihara Qutb-uddin, including a lot of wealth to meet on his visit and returned to become respected by Qutb-uddin. Then he began to Bengali to win the courage and energy savings.
Bengali victory
Lakshman Sen was the capital of Bengal Nadia Nadia was the external cause of most protected areas. It is before the court in Bankura some prescient scholars warned that a Turkish soldier who can beat him. Sen observed that fear and Nadia entrance Rajmahal and teliyagarera security was strengthened. Symptoms Sen’s idea was that the forests of Jharkhand sbapadasankula Nadia for any army can not attack, but the army came to Bakhtiar seipathei. Nadia invasion of Bakhtiar in Jharkhand was advanced so swiftly that could keep pace with him just 18 sainikai. Symptoms of Bakhtiyar straight prasadadbare Sen arrived and the gatekeeper, and entered the palace guard was killed. The uproar inside the palace and the palace through the back door route signs Sen has lost digbidika BIkrampur shelter nenanadiya win Lakshmanabati or later, and the capital was established agrasaha at Gaur. Lakhnauti later became known as the laksanabatii. After winning in the east or north Bengal Gour Varendra founded his own right. Some of the areas of good governance, he placed sasanabhara divided by a captain. Bakhtiyar captains of the two names are found. Among them barasaule Ali Mardan Khilji, husamauddina Iwaz gangatarira Khilji was appointed governor.
Tibet Attack
Bakhtiyar state in the south east of the river Teesta river and alloys in the north and west of the town of Rangpur Dinajpur district was Devkot of Bihar was previously assumed. However, a substantial part of its territory occupied by those outside the state was not only in Tibet, he was planning to attack. The objective was to establish direct contact with the Turkish. The road to the discovery of the North-east upajatigostira invasion of Tibet Bakhtiar Ali, a member of the Employment mecake denasakala after completion of the three captains, and with nearly ten thousand army went to Tibet to Lakhnauti. After a stronghold before. Bakhtiar won the war with the army, but the army of the tower is a massive loss. Soldiers from Fort Bakhtiar that you can find on the outskirts of the city of karamabattana troops are ready for battle. Bakhtiar has not heard of it returned to move forward. On his way back to his soldiers endured endless pain. Bakhtiar came to the bridge and saw that the hill people attacked and killed his two captains, and the bridge has been completely ravaged. Bakhtiar, then go back to the very small number of troops are Enable. Bakhtiar after the incident in Tibet campaign failed to realize that his strength has been reduced serious way, and he broke down mentally.

If the operation fails Devkot Bakhtiar returned to Tibet. Near the banks of the Brahmaputra at Guwahati Boa hook Kanai found evidence of Turkish soldiers crashed. Tibet expedition failed and the army as a result of massive losses Lakhnauti prajarera Muslim kingdom and conflicted with the start of the uprising. As a result, the small and the potential conflict with the Muslim states of Delhi, was already cornered. Such diverse thinking and defeat glanite Bakhtiar was sick and bedridden after. He died a short time later, he’s back in 1206. Some estimate that the death of its commander Bakhtiyar was alimardana Khalji hand. Bakhtiyar Khilji power Uddin all information relating to the historical Minhazuddin tabakat Shiraz-i-Nasiri book collection. Almost forty years after the death of Bakhtiyar Minhaj Bengali conquest of Bengal in the story based on what he heard, and so originally recorded history has been written. From his description, it is clear that he had written the conventional kahinigulikei winning Bengali, which is the only instrument to historians. So in the words of Minhaj it may not be accurate.

In 1193 khilajike responsible for the Nalanda University was completely destroyed. All students staying there at the time were killed. However, the main sources esamparkita Khilji that causes because he was unaware that it was a university.