The Last King of West Pakistan and East Pakistan, now Bangladesh Chakma Raja Roy Roy is a biographical book. Priyajit debasarakaratini author of this book is an Indian political analyst based in London. The book mainly focuses on the rule of the king and his government, Mr. Roy. Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh Chakma Raja Roy was the 50th king of the population. In 1953, Mr. Roy’s coronation as King of the book from her entire life to the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971 deyabaitite recorded history of the Liberation War in 1971 that Mr. Roy was defended Pakistan. He was afraid that the independent state of Bangladesh Chakma Chakma will displace the autonomy nor the Bengalis of Pakistan to the west, so he wanted to maintain the autonomy. Later, when the war ended, he went to Pakistan. Mr. Roy faithfulness to the west of the Pakistani government because of the details of the book have been named The Last King of West Pakistan. The book refers to the Buddhist religious leader in Pakistan, Mr. Roy, a writer and politician, diplomat, and from 1981 until 1994, he became known as the Pakistani Ambassador to Argentina’s functions. According to the book, due to the liberation of obedience to the government of Pakistan’s Federal Minister for the announcement, Mr. Roy life karebaiti secondary sources of information, mainly with the research. As a result, it covers tathyasutrasamuhai contains about 35 pages.

Raja Roy

Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh Chakma Raja Roy was the 50th king of the population. From May 1953 until 1971, he was a king. Pakistan, he is a writer, diplomat, and politician known as the Buddhist religious leader .1981 Since 1994, he has serve as Ambassador of Pakistan to Argentina. His life as a minister in the government of Pakistan announced on May 14 karenatridiba judgment of British India in 1933, was born in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Rangamati Chakma royal palace. The king and his wife Binita nalinaksa Roy Roy Roy, the son of .1953 on May Chakma Circle became king. He left office in 1971. Debashish Roy and his son became king.


Roy grew up Chakma style. Horseback riding, polo and other matters including games he has learned. For security reasons during World War II, he went with his family, his education was karenacattagramera convents of St. Scholastica. St. Xavier’s Collegiate School in Kolkata, India and kuraseom He later attended school in Victoria. The high school art, science, and studied Bengali-ins karechenatridiba judgment of the Court of London, was admitted to study law. In 1953, he became a Barrister-at-Law. He was a member of Lincoln’s Inn. His father, Ray King 195 nalinaksa died on October 7, bleeding in the brain. At that time, he was 49 years old. March 50th, 1953, Mr. Roy, Chakma acceded to the throne as king. The same year, she was married to Roy subjugation.