Sri Lanka’s mysterious mountain. The name of the mountain, surrounded by his Adam paharanana. This is a large-size footprints paharatite. And as with the mystery of the footprints. Chapatike people of all faiths feel as holy feet.

For decades after the era have been found in a variety of footprints. There is speculation about how many. All these footprints differ too. Various shape. But for a long time to learn about the footprints. Adam footprints such a mountain. Sri Lankan Muslims believe the original human Hazrat Adam (AS), the first Sri Lankan to reach the foot of the mountain karechilenaara the impression that his footprints there. The hills and mountains for him as a consequence of the footprints is sacred to Muslims.

Sri Lanka’s south-western border of the province of sripada located in the finial. However, only non-Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, followers of the three religions to the holy mountain of the tower. Sakalerii ideas of our founding father, the curatei or mountain Hazrat Adam (AS) came directly from heaven, or was falling. Sometimes the tops of the mountains around the green splendor of the high and low elevation. There are also numerous rivers and mountains around the top of the hill chota shower. A scenic view of all the magic.

uratite Adam (AS) is a measure of the leg that is about 5 feet 7 inches mark, the length and width of two feet, 6 inches. According to the BC and 300 BC and was discovered in the footsteps of Buddhism. After the discovery of the footprints have been surrounded on all sides. Hundreds of tourists have traveled through the ages curatite. Curatite who has traveled around the world, they also visited by touching watched Adam (AS) is based outside Sri Lanka padacihnasudhu many Muslims believe the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) was sent to the earth, when he made the first leg of the mountain in Sri Lanka . And Adam saw the footprints of the mountain, and they think that Hazrat Adam (AS). That’s why Muslims see the mountain infinite respect. And for this reason has been given the name Adam adamasa pickup or hills. Each mountain is a mystery to wear. Footprints at the top of the mountain there is a very risky adventure to arrive. However, there were many risks. They were surprised to see with my own eyes the footprints. These footprints are not only to Muslims, the Buddhists, Christians and Hindus also sacred. They believe that their religion seamlessly with the relationship. It becomes clear that all of Adam’s mountain sacred to the people. They respect the mountain views. They all have to acknowledge that the footprint of the mountain. Its shape is huge. That’s why he is not only the mountain itself is a mystery.

Adams Peak hill climb is very risky. If you reach the top of the way it’s gone through the jungle. The jungle of varying risk. There are venomous insects. However, near the top of a metal ladder. The 4000 is a step. Each step is not safe. If you go over the top of the risk it takes at least 1 to 16 hours. The weather in one of the complex’s position in the region. This year, only three to four months to climb the mountain. It became impossible to climb another during the year. The poetic sense is hidden in the hills and the cloud. Struck from all sides of the clouds.

He wrote a book about the hills and mountains marakusa akasalyanda footprint. The name of the book The Cultural History of the adamasa pickup syakreta footprint. According to the 2243-meter high mountain. Like the shape of the corner. The mountain can be seen clearly from the Indian Ocean. Earlier in the voyage of the pyramid-shaped fancy of the Arab world that he was delighted to see the mountains. Some of them have called it the world’s highest mountain. He was considered the height of the mountain, the ancient Sinhalese. Some believed that, the highest mountain in the world. In 851 he first saw the footprints of the mountain Sulaiman Arabia. He ascended the holy mountain ratnapura famous Arab philosopher Ibn Battuta. He began to climb up from Burberry. And attention-hungry merchant Marco Polo traveled widely known before Adam padacihne he ascended the mountain to honor him. In 1292, he traveled to China, he was on his way to Venice.

The hilltop is a flat field a little. In 1816, Lieutenant Malcolm’s measure. It can be seen only 4 feet in length and width of 74 feet. The total area of 1776 square feet. At the top of a huge rock. Height of 8 feet. The footprint of the above. The length of 68 inches. 31 inches wide. Buddhists believe the Buddha’s footprint was left leg. Buddha kept his foot was known as Siam, now Thailand, which earlier. Thailand has a mark on his right foot. Thailand is known as Phra syata bhasaya. Adam the impression that the size of the foot impression as the foot of the mountain. The same size. Laos also has the same footprint, kyaboje and China. He was a 35-foot-tall Buddha Buddhist concept. So he would step so far. However, at the footsteps Christians respect. A Portuguese citizen who came to Sri Lanka in 1505. He said the mountain, Pico de Adam. They feel the daubatara St. Thomas came to India and Sri Lanka. Then he went to heaven with her feet on the mountain. The Hindus believe that Lord Shiva in the footprint of the foot.

However, over the years, millions of people still did not know what the secret is to come to the top, and that’s where Adam (AS) in the footprints of the sun from January to April, from May to November and cumulus clouds or rain does not fall. There are so many mysteries in this peak center. The finial over the years have remained very good. Did not reduce the beauty part. He is known as the finial sacred to the people of the world.