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Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world from a skyscraper or 010, which has been inaugurated on January 4, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This “Dubai Tower” also known as. Although the opening of the Burj Dubai construction of the widely changed the name of the “Burj Khalifa” is kept.

Its height of 818 meters or 2717 feet (half-mile). This is higher than Taiwan’s Taipei 101 tower, 1,000 feet. “Taipei 101” building height of 1,667 feet. This was the world’s tallest structure until AD 009 to 004. Willis Tower in Chicago, USA, located 1,451 feet high. “Burj Khalifa” a building so high that the temperature difference between the ground floor and a maximum of 10 degrees Celsius.

“Burj Khalifa” The construction work was started in AD 004, and was completed in 009 AD. About 1.5 billion US dollars has been spent to build it. Bahihprangane of 133 million British pounds has been spent building the fountain. The building 1,044 new home (apartment) is There are 158 on the floor of a mosque; 43 th and 76 th floor of the two swimming pools. There are more than 160 rooms in a hotel. 124 th floor has been arranged for visitors to the philosophy of nature. [11] installed in the building, some 40 miles per hour speed of the elevator. [8] After 004 AD, laid the foundation stone of the building was going too fast. Day 1 of a worker bee is the construction worker was employed at the construction process. At that time, three days after a roof has been made.

That is a very tall skyscraper buildings. The building height of 15 meters, or 500 feet, usually more than all of the skyscraper known as the world. Nagaraguloya major countries around the world, mainly in the building can be seen. Mahanagaraguloya big skyscraper can be found in two or more. Empire State Building in New York City for the United States, have become popular. In the last 0 years, London has been lucky to see the mansion has a large number of citizens, which in the past has not been seen in England.

Skaiskrepara tall ship sail at a time that would have meant the flock. The meaning of the word changed to indicate the currently highest building. The six-storey building in the nineteenth century was very difficult to look at. Weak and the poor quality of construction materials due to the high buildings to collapse was a strong possibility. Moreover, a lot of people would like to live and climb the stairs beyond. Up to a maximum of 50 feet crashed into the river, strong dheuo paratoadhunika and advanced technology to create a skyscraper now the news has become very common. As a strong foundation and the use of modern construction, steel, cobblestone, iron, cement casting the skyscraper, the Home Insurance Building thakeprathama used was created in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Ninth floor of the building height. Its construction was completed in 1884-85. However, it was destroyed in 1931 to build a new building.