In this world there is no end of the world there is so much that is strange. Surprise, diversified, horror, exceptional, this world is full of exciting elements of different types. Such wonders, strange cave. The only people that will not come back to them is no prani man eaters because once inside the entrance of the cave to cave paricitaasalei people can eat? It may or may not. But I’m talking about just why the cave, Step into any creature, and can not escape alive. Then let us know about the terrible cave man eaters.
According to the Greek geographer Strabo is a temple of the ancient Greek god Apollo was hiyarapolise city. The temple became known as a one-time due to a mysterious temple. There was a cave near the temple. The cave features that no animals inside the cave, threw it does not come back. Even if a man were to exceed a fraction of the entrance of the cave mouth, then he would not have come back. Strangely enough, however, that the priests could not enter safely inside the cave could come out again. However, when the priests came out, their faces were swollen and became raktattba. The ancient Greeks believed that the inhabitants of the cave that was the way to go and there is a hereafter apadebatara reign. When people or animals janoyarara apadebatara the gods kill them when they return to their divine powers to fight demons parestrabo scroll to the information it wrote 000 years ago. However, people in the modern world of ghosts, demons, gods or demons believe in the science does not support natachara

This is a cave in which there is a separate sky, clouds, rain, fog there. There are also a mountain of bills canal. Are you surprised to hear that? Let’s visit the Chinese province of Chongqing. There is a cave ekhaneprthibite such as the sky. There are clouds in the sky and fog. The cave also has a separate sky. The sky clouds and fog. Not only that, in the cave canal, bill, there is much more paharasaha. The name of this cave in China, “Wang Dong Year of Chongqing residents knew about the cave before. Local residents can travel a little inside the cave. However, they did not bring out the inner contain any of the scenes. And that one did not go outside without a local resident in a cave. The reason that was unknown about the Year Wang Dong cave.

A team of experts consisting of caves and photographers Year Wang Dong and the inside of the cave was discovered in some rare photos of the privacy asenaabhiyatridera took a different view inside the cave cloud balukana jaliyabaspasaha much cooler weather. Cool weather as well as moisture. That took a lot of the normal breathing difficult. The canal inside the cave is very dangerous and destructive. Because of the strong currents of the canal water, which can easily overwhelm anyone.
According to the company, a member of the Explorers heard before any such extensive cave could not find them. Wang Dong of the year is something extraordinary was really surprised them. The cave is large, about 820 feet high. Fog and clouds covered the upper half. The water inside the cave is the salty taste. The word adventure in the cave a bit more work. There are, however, in our country there are no large cave is too small. So far, the world’s biggest cave discovered in Vietnam’s Dong Hang Sun last frontier is situated on the border of Laos. Although the year is not yet known what hangs from the Sun Dong Wang Dong Cave big? However, he could not provide much information about the caves, yes, what about the information we now have to wait for some more time.