The last independent Nawab of Bengal, Siraj British East India Company at Plassey was fought that battle known as the Battle of Plassey. The battle took place on June 3, 1757. Sirajuddaula was defeated in the war and the establishment of British rule in India was initiated way.


Kolkata, June 1, 1757, British soldiers Chandannagar AD is combined with the army. Kachu troops to defend the castle there are a few remaining soldiers on June 13 of that expedition. Murshidabad, Hooghly, Kolkata route, Katwa tower, despite the troops of the Nawab agradbipa opalasite they did not prevent the English way. Nawab realized, the commanders of the conspiracy was glance samilabidrohera Siraj mirajapharake idea to arrest them. He said mirajapharake forgive him take oath. Mirajaphara by touching the Holy Quran pledge that he retain the body’s blood drop will not infringe on the liberties. He resolved Vendetta rayadurlabha, Yar Latif, mirajaphara, miramadana, Mohanlal and French troops commander sinaphremke began to run over them with the expedition.
From the morning of June 3 Plassey is ready to be drawn into a war against the British in the wilderness .1757 midnight on June Calcutta, Robert Clive of Plassey took his army tent village laksmabaga garena came to the mango grove. Garden north-west side of the river Ganges. The north-east side of the two bargamailabyapi amrakanana. At eight o’clock in the morning, suddenly attacked miramadana inrejabahinike. Clive could not sustain his strong attack with his army took refuge in the mango orchard. Clive was a bit upset. Miramadana was proceeding slowly. But mirajaphara, Yar Latif, had to mobilize rayadurlabha where he stood nisprhabhabe. Although they have little support miramadana could force the British defeat. Suddenly, the rain was falling at noon sirajuddaula wet ammunition. Yet brave miramadana continued to fight with the British. But suddenly died in shelling miramadana.
Golandaja Sirajuddowla chief after the killing of Mir Jafar and intense rush to judgment durlabhake ordered their cavalry. But both he disobeyed the captain. Their argument is that suicide is a matter of artillery to proceed without recourse. But the distance between the company and the Nawab of just a few hundred yards. Ud-Daulah and British forces in the absence of guidance from the eleventh golandaji progress has conceded defeat in the face of the declared ceasefire. Nawab’s camp came under the British. Seven in favor of the British, European and Native soldiers were killed and 16 others. I did not see any other way to protect the capital ud-Daulah, with two thousand left for Murshidabad. But the capital has helped to protect him. Ud-Daulah, his wife and servant Ghulam Hossain lutfunnisa out of the capital, and from there overland to reach bhagwangola naukayogepadma and marched toward the north side of the Mahananda. He had hoped to be able to reach the western French soldier masiye snuff-supported troops from Patna Ram Narain went so far collected with the help of French forces to protect Bengal.

Portuguese historical importance in the battle of Plassey bakasara think one of the best in the world wars.