Trebhi fountain is a fountain in Rome. It is the largest Baroque city of Rome. Estimated artistic revival that began in the early 1600s. And a fountain known as the world’s most beautiful springs. According to local legend, when he said that there is not any money in the fountain will return to Rome someday. Trebhi term as the short form of the Italian word meaning Villa tre and three on the road.

An ancient Roman aqueduct spectacularly in front of the public in order to promote the end of the end of the first jet was trebhi. The streams of water in the ancient Roman name was bhirgo, meaning virgin. 19 BC, Roman Emperor augustusera beloved husband of the daughter of one of the general’s Markus bhipasaniyusa agrippa drain was built with a length of 1 km, which was down 19 kilomitarai. Thermal power agrippara built to supply water for the bathroom panatheonera he made process. However, before the end of the scheme was to create a fountain trebhi. Seksatusa iuliyusa phrantinusera book De aquaductibus Romae commentarius streams of water was named after the Roman soldiers as a young woman whose thirst and weakness was seen. Verbally guided them to a nearby source of water carried. Tiburtina and kollatina road between the two source. Two roads to Rome ends. The source of water supply is still dharajalera 4 th century fountain in Rome was at 1352. In 537 King bhitigisera astrogatha bhirgo drain some damage in the attack. Atramane brutal force and one was abandoned during the Middle Ages, before the outlet has been no reform. European Renaissance and the beginning of the end of the aqueduct, all popara exhibition arranged.

Augustusa emperor was the first emperor of the Roman Empire. He was janmanama aktabhiusa gaiusa. He later changed his name keeps gaiusa iuliusa kayesara aktabhiyanusa. He was previously known as the emperor aktabhiyana. Augustusa prinkipate, which was known as an autocratic regime was introduced. He was the first citizen of the state or augustusa prinkepsa. The outer surfaces of the new republican regime, but almost all aspects of life in the Roman augustusa utilized to control it, and the Greek-Roman world brought stability and prosperity. One of the most efficient in the history of the Roman Empire, Rome, centralized administrator augustusa karenaaugustusa aktabhiyana a wealthy family as well as his grandfather was born 18-year-old brother, Julius Caesar (iuliusa kayesara) as a foster child and a successor was named. After the death of Caesar and Mark Antony, and lepidusera dbandbba power in Rome, the third ruler in 43 BC, as well as the reconstruction of the Roman state to govern. 4 BC, Caesar’s assassins brutasa (brutusa) and kasiusa aktabhiyana and after defeating Mark Antony, who philippite Roman Empire had been divided into two parts. Aktabhiyana right to rule in the western part of the empire. Then aktabhiyana won several enemy. 3 BC and 31 BC, he lepidusake he defeated Antony and the Egyptian queen kliopetrake with the Greek and Roman world became ekadhipatite. 3 BC to 31 BC, the Roman Republic, he served as a consul. Augustusa 7 BC, he assumed the title of emperor and became the dictator BC 3. He gradually reformed administrative structure of the Roman Empire and the conquest of new territories in Europe. He was given the status of a god after his death, and his adopted son was tiberiusa Roman emperor.