Before the players / countries in order to comply with the bullshit I’ve heard you say a vow of silence. There simply was not the same as the mental strength to respond to ridicule does not accept there is no way. But now?
Mona (Read Dude), no longer have to do that day? Now the wheels are slejim polapana! Shakib, especially because he’s my brother slejinyera Division Player of the World’s Most Powerful Eye Scene Ever !! What is the name of the bowler Riaz tiyaja paikka do not answered him hard into the finger?
At that time, the British had to laugh at the way he mamaderao pajitibhali I see no other way to see! If you live to live well. Gent mincing no sense to me to live is not. No matter etatuka erogenta! If you do not leave, but little!

The body language of bhallagase I see so much progress! However, he said, as of now, I still Mortaza in the style of the watch. Caller in the run-up to the race …. The terrible way to paw! It’s the biggest celebration !! Pressed! Just like the Royal Bengal Tiger!
Hey, watch this

The reason behind slejinyera. It will be called the end. But Nasir, Mahmudullah do not agree. If anyone is to say that yesterday’s match in Bangladesh’s basements, you say bhaikei Riyadh. Reliability bat with his legs enough to keep fairly standard, such as Bangladesh scored 169. And then Mortaza was the boss !! Mashrafe knew then that shoots Boom Ouch !!! Four-six drill! Felt thanks to all the fans.

But, sir, if that’s what was on the other side if Musharraf rubles would be able to think? Nasir as the savior of the innings with the bat, driving on ranakhara sapate! Like another run to fill up! Ganadabira opportunity in the face of this faithful man had confidence intact reward! Turnover unbeaten 100 runs at a strike rate 7 7 balls!

But Mr. Nasir known finisher was propped up excuses to play the game! We’ve always wondered, I do not know the talent goes in vain. Bangladesh is a losing player at koyalitiphula !! But he is a player who can put your trust! Shakib’s bowling in the 1st innings runs came in the light of the demonstrated fact. Mashrafe wickets have helped put pressure on the boss!
But what is less Nasirao! 9 runs in the 10 overs! The lowest economy rate !! The great fielding !! Musharraf Ruble we receive from these ?? The nation wants to know !!!

Asunah know why slejinyera
Josh Butler with which Bangladesh has the players were all talking about. But for such a reason, and that many players do not know. Many do not see the Amazon. BTV I saw the bat. BTV stamp of wicket keeper Mike’s sound is much higher due to many things, which can be heard clearly.

Tamim batted first and scored the opener to Butler, who was parachilana * Hey tamim cant score runs? .. Play big shot man * who later Shabbir balachila * 2 from 18 ball … 2 from 19 … come on man .U r wasting ur time. * Mahmudullah Mahmudullah just said something, but smiling. Mossadeq was then well when he constantly khepanora Butler and Stokes tried to say something.
If the name implies nakintu slejim crime becomes a crime. So do not hear no previous history did not come to talk about the cricketing spirit. The elegant and gentle enough to Bangladesh. How and why did selebresana a artake ghamaleo it will not go.
Q. sangrhitah online pages, writes Rahul Dev ….

Lol British mamura jayatai actually thinking they deserve. Winning the first match happened happened because I thought they deserved. Therefore, this slejim! Becarara the talapaka heat loss on losing wickets were having a fire. And then a wild cheer on the Tigers’ hot crisp looks like oil!
Butler said the dise “I was surprised out, and tell me where boolean santanabani do it. If they cheer for me, they started dancing in their heads, and Chilla-Falla could not fix! 😦 Say? It is to admit?
Stokase says: “Where are we haira duphota tears and laid hands on the chest, pulled out of the ground, it will create an emotional atmosphere, neck and hands, saying,” Well pleida Boys’ How Man! How. 😦 ”

Bangladeshi cricket now become. The (1st) just forget about the game. Such a sinking boat on the shore of the Sri-Lanka / Pakistan / South Africa / New Zealand is well! Cricinfo England fans, this is a comment given below, dilamah

“The series should have been for Bangladesh if they could not give such a heart breaking collapse for almost winning game in the first match. Sorry for Bangladeshi haters, we know you can not sleep tonight. I think Bangladeshi haters should accept the rising of Bangladesh cricket if they want to get fewer pain. Not respecting rising of Bangladesh Cricket is almost like can not accept the reality intentionally !!! “