He is known as Shakira Shakira Isabel mebaraka at Ripoll. He is a Colombian singer-songwriter, composer, music producer, dancer and philanthropist. Barranakilate Colombian Shakira was born in February of 1977. She was his mother and Lebanese-born father, William nidaiya del Carmen at Ripoll torrado mebaraka sadidera only child. Shakira’s total number of eight siblings, all of his father’s former wife, who garbhajatatara grandparents lived in New York from Lebanon, where his father was born and began. The 5-year-old his parents moved there from Colombia Shakira means grateful asenaarabite. Shakir feminine word in Arabic. Isabel is the next part of his name after his grandmother. This means the house of my God, my God, I promise. Catalan nickname came from her second at Ripoll. Shakira spent most of his youth in northern Colombia barranakilaya city. Good intelligence and IQ test score is good, especially paricitasakira barranakilate Shakira also grew up. Through the presentation of the life of the school, he began to express his talent. Belly-dancing with her own voice, he sbarthakabhabe Rock and roll, Latin, Middle Eastern music to portray. Shakira was the mother tongue fluently English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and can speak the language.

Shakira wrote her first poem at the age of four, which was the title of the Crystal De La Rosa La Rosa De Cristal, the crystal rose. When you grow up with his father and was interested in seeing a typewriter to write the story of Christmas as a gift to a typewriter. At the age of seven, he was a typewriter, and since then, he continued to write poetry. His poems are increasingly takes the form of songs. Shakira, one of her two-year-old half-brother died in motorcycle accidents. Due to her father’s grief was wearing dark glasses to cover four years. The incident inspired Shakira eight years old when he wrote his first song Tus Tus Gafas Oscuras graphasa osakurasa, meaning your black casamacara-year-old Shakira’s father took him to an advertisement in the local Middle Eastern restaurant. He got up to dance on the table for the first time and started hearing dombeka. Belly dancing is an Arabic musical dombeka is used. He loved his Catholic school classmates and teachers to hear music. But while in the second grade, she was wearing her school choir because her voice dropped during the election was very strong vibration. He is often mischief out of school for the class was given. Belly Dancing every Friday, she learned her school’s steps show. And he said, This is how I discovered my love for her live performance at karisakirara gratitude to her parents took her to the local park to see orphans. One of the scenes in his mind and in his heart he decided to help these children.
Colombia’s Shakira’s music career with the help of local producers in the first two albums were released, but they have not known much outside of Colombia and the lack of commercial success Shakira later decided to producing his own album. In 1995, its production piyesa desakalasosa album was released Pies Descalzos, which brought him fame in Latin America and Spain, and at the same time, a mysterious man identified as a singer. But in 1998, donde los estana ladronesa Dónde Están Los Ladrones album as well as its importance to the role of the artist. Rolling Stone said the album, All Music Guide, Billboard magazine’s music critics and encouraging response from the panatini two Grammy Awards, seven Latin Grammy Award. He was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. The Colombian-selling album of all time, according to BMI’s most successful commercial artist, and he is the second Latin American women artists whose albums have been sold worldwide, five million copies. Nor is he the only artist from South America to the United States on the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard Canadian Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart Australian earaaie earned the honor of first place in the chart karechenahaliuda as Shakira was awarded a star on the Walk of pheime.
Guinness World Records-
Shakira is a new world record on social networking management. He is the first person in the history of the 100 million Facebook likes. He will stand at myarakana a picture was posted on Facebook. It was a moment before the final game of the World Cup in Brazil. Image 4 days after getting 3.5 million likes guess this is more like the stars in the image are then continued.
Shakira is a non-profit foundation. In 1997, the name of his popular album piyesa desakyalajosa Foundation Shakira founded his own country. The main objective of universal education just preach. He works funded by the Human Services. Through the foundation he set eight school. Moreover, he participated in several charitable concerts. Some of the money he earned from his various albums and songs of the Foundation donated. He is also associated with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Love love Shakira
The first is the name of Shakira’s boyfriend Antonio. Former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua, son of Antonio. Shakira and Antonio have long lived together 11 years. But in the end their love toothless. Million dollar lawsuit against Shakira made after the dissolution of araisa Antonio. Shakira, Antonio pointed out to the court documents, the name has become a brand. He believes that the achievement of his own. Moreover, popular heaps Shakira waka waka song We Do not Lie and involve two of her head came first. For this reason, he thinks he deserves a share of revenue Shakira. But the case is ultimately toothless. Then he added another 3 cases. He could not benefit any of the cases. Shakira verdict in the case on behalf of all Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique yayaayantoniora separation after Shakira has chosen as a new partner. Shakira with Gerard Pique identity through music and football. 010 South Africa before the World Cup in Spain in the first practice, Shakira met with Peake. Shakira and Pique was the team was training for the World Cup official music recording oyakara Walker. Since then start them. And just one year later, the pair announced officially in love. Their 10-year age difference between the two. Gerard Pique is 10 years younger than Shakira. Yet, their love did not give any obstacle. Their family now has a son.