Old girls released a video about his vision of the serious crisis since the US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

When the crisis has been coming one after another of the woman complained publicly that the Republican Party has nominated candidates to force their hands on.Now she has come back to handle the situation Trump melaniya.She said her husband, an innocent one ‘gentleman’ and women lying complaining.

At the same time, however, Mr. Trump said Mrs. Trump, the girls in the video about her husband’s remark that it is “unacceptable”, but she knew that her husband, and you know, you can not judge him with a few comments.

“I believe my husband. He’s gentle, kind and respect for women. No, he can not work like that.”Mrs. Trump, said many women have watched a lot of time in front of her husband and they fell on their phones nanbara is uncalled for, is abusive behavior.

Triumph melaniya thinks her husband’s election rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign team plans to create these allegations.About 005 of the women commented on the footage of Mr. Trump, and some women complain of sexual harassment had difficulties with Mr. Trump.More than all the recent public opinion survey, some of the important states than Hillary Clinton, he was at a disadvantage