Narayanganj sensational seven-murder case of former prime accused Nur Hossain and Mohammad Tariq Sayeed, former RAB officers were tried in a court during the verdict unconcerned.

Narayanganj District and Sessions Judge’s Court on Monday morning while reading the verdict in a crowded courtroom, Judge Nur Hossain, expelled the leader of the Awami League and their allies began to weep, “you do not have anything to say to comfort.

The accused two former RAB adhastanakarmi their ‘fate’ for senior officials in dusate.

Tarek Said one of them to be heard at the time, “fellow, for yours in this situation today.”

Narayanganj District and Sessions Judge Syed Inayat Hussain, a verdict that the accused was convicted, the three former RAB officers Noor Hossain and 6 others were given the death penalty. Nine of the 35 accused in the case, he was sentenced to different terms.

014 7 April Narayanganj City Corporation panel mayor Nazrul Islam and senior lawyer Chandan Sarkar killed after being kidnapped seven people were drowned in the river shitalakshya.

Nazrul and Noor Hossain, the main accused in Narayanganj Awami League leaders was both. Nur Hossain, the area was dominated by a dispute over plans to kill Nazrul and financial transactions with the RAB members came out to investigate the causes of the killings.

Narayanganj jail amid tight security after 9am on the 18 accused were produced in court. Upon Gazipur, Narayanganj, from Nur Hossain and RAB four officers were brought to the court after 9am.

MM Rana, a former RAB officials, the Arif Hussain

Is to be brought to court at 10am in front of the three former RAB official Tariq Sayeed Mohammad Arif Hussain, and MM Rana. And the rest of the Nur Hossain 0 people are kept inside the courtroom grilaghera asylum.

Judge Syed Inayat Hussain came to court after 10am. Crime analysis and monitoring of the convicted accused, besides the name and read the amount of the penalty.

Before the verdict, the judge said the verdict was the result of seven murders and two cases are identical. When the verdict was announced just a ‘normal’, the other will come.

The judge said the seven kidnapped, killed, corpses, conspiracy and charges of destroying evidences “doubt” was found in the judgment being given.

According to the lawyers say, ordinary soldiers to protect from the wrath of the courtroom once the food is kept out of the fight due to grill officials said.

RAB officer, Major Arif Hossain, a former lawyer MA Rashid Bhuiyan said, “One day, Nur Hossain yuktitarkakale other accused in the case had food fights. The soldiers of the former RAB officials were ksyapa. If they could be attacked on the basis of intelligence information in the system. ”

The accused on the basis of intelligence information, shoes, socks and a watch was kept open, he said.

Public Prosecutor at the Court kiddie Dr Ali said, “that if the number of the accused mastermind of the brutal killings there, they could be attacked by others. Therefore, to avoid untoward incidents, three former RAB officials were kept separate. ”

Fatullah Model Police Station Inspector (Investigation), Shahjalal munsisaha two former RAB officers guard outside the window.

The verdict on the morning of Narayanganj District and Sessions Judge Court premises and surrounding areas are crucial to safety.

Additional Police Superintendent Md. Shafiuddin the court to ensure the safety of the police officers responsible for five hundred them.-Staff


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