4 killed in blast near police raided a militant hideout pressure, RAB intelligence chief wounded 43 Combined Military Hospital, 78 people were rescued from the buildinggn3

South Surma in Sylhet Shibbari ‘Atiya Mahal, security forces conducting raids militant hideout pressure. After nearly 33 hours on Saturday blocked “Operation Twilight ‘at the Bangladesh Army Para commando raid team. The five-storey house 78 people, including women and children stranded were rescued earlier.
Meanwhile, the militant hideouts in the area Shibbari ‘Atiya Mahal’ around during the evening and night operation four persons were killed, including two bombings. RAB, police and journalists were injured, at least 43 people. RAB intelligence chief Lt. seriously injured. Colonel, Major Azad Abul Kalam Azad and RAB-9 at 10 am at the night air ambulance was brought to Dhaka CMH RAB sources said.
Among the injured, including at least 43 people are admitted to Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital. Jalalabad Police Station in South Surma Police Station sub-inspector Monirul and Jonny Lal Dey and civilians in critical condition, said Mia.
Meanwhile, three people were killed, police and local sources were identified. They said Chowdhury, Sylhet Metropolitan Police inspector. Abu Kaiser minister, Madan Mohan College Wahidul Islam Apu (6) and Shahidul Islam (8). Local sources say that the youth worker decorator Chhayedul Haq said.
On the other hand, the militants of Shibbari pathanapara astanatite Kawsar Ali and Begum couple Morjina top leaders of JMB and evolving musasaha Mainul Islam militants are believed to be at least four police officers.
Thursday night was not responding to the surrender of the militants call yesterday afternoon, the campaign eventually was forced to go commando team. The special police unit to go to Dhaka for their co-operation in Swat and members of the Counter-Terrorism Unit. Army’s 17th Infantry Division, General Officer Commanding (GOC) Major General Anwarul Momen led operations. Para-commando team, led directly to the school. Colonel Imrul Kayes.
Army press conference: at the end of the primary campaign faced reporters at the scene yesterday evening around 6 pm in the headquarters of the Army Brigadier General Fakhrul Ahsan working. He said the campaign did not end Atiya among the Para Commando. He added that the militants are still inside, “the militants do not stop at a certain floor. They are traveling on the floor. We suspect that the militants are. “He said the militants had to bomb the building for law enforcement agencies disability. Campaign, which has exploded. Noting that the operation is still ongoing, and will end when the specified operation can not say. It will decide the commander of the operation. 1 Para Commando Battalion of the leading commander Lt Col Imrul Kayes.
Brigadier General Fakhrul said the prime minister’s directives to all those who were trapped in the building that was recovered safely. We have kept in mind the safety of atakeparadera. We have safely rescued 78 people trapped in the building. The 30 men, 7 women and 1 children. The official, Counter-Terrorism Unit saw soyatake called, SWAT is not possible for them to come and see this campaign. The military assistance is sought.
Blast kills 4 militants near shrines: the army and the police and led to walk with the help of Swat Operation Twilight “from the military briefing on Sunday evening at 6 pm is. A few minutes after the briefing at the end of the evening, a powerful bomb exploded near at around 7 pm. The more than 30 journalists were injured. After 55 minutes the night before 7 pm to the scene, another bomb exploded in a mosque in eastern pathanatala. The blast killed at least casualties.
According to witnesses, two men on a motorbike at around 6pm near briphinsthalera reached. The explosion took place. The blast knocked down two young men. Then another explosion. To keep young people in the bag with the bomb is believed to have been.
Yesterday at 11pm Brigadier General Mohammad Osmani Medical College Hospital. Amin said the blast wounded two of the 43 are now in the hospital. Four of the dead were killed in the incident was brought to the hospital. He said the two injured were sent to Dhaka Lieutenant Colonel Abul Kalam Azad. Ruhul Amin, all of the doctors at the hospital after the blast, officials canceled holidays. Debapada Roy said the deputy director of the hospital, the hospital has four bodies. One of the police officers and three civilians.
Para Commando final mission: Sources tight in a day and a night before the final drive in the morning, “Atiya palace called the house biduyut and gas was disconnected. A number of armored vehicles and ambulances were kept in the morning. On Friday night, three vehicles were at the scene of the fire brigade.
Sources operations, Shibbari ‘Atiya Mahal’ in a flat on the first floor of the house were armed militants. After a long wait of 17 Infantry Division of Bangladesh Army Major General Anwarul Momen At two pm the final drive astanatite militant group Army Para Commando. At that time, numerous bomb targeting soldiers and militants threw grenades. The commandos opened fire responded. Thus, the intermittent bomb and grenade blasts and firing frequency