Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s upcoming visit to Delhi, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on the Teesta water sharing agreement had assured New Delhi. Mamata Teesta agreement aimed at persuading him to a meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in New Delhi recently proposed setting up an Indian foreign ministry official informed a television program on Thursday after she said she was told nothing about it. Mamata said, I am, May 5, or the pact will go. But I do not know anything yet. Banerjee said that the concerns of the Delhi assured him, before signing a pact with Bangladesh will be taken in consultation with him.
Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Gopal Banerjee’s response Teesta Bogle said in a statement on Saturday, before the signing of the Teesta West will be discussed with all the stakeholders. He said in a statement, according to the spirit of the federal system of government will discuss with the authorities the right time. However, it is unclear when and how the process will be discussed at Bogle said.
She said of her reaction to Delhi on TV, you tell me everything is ready to kill stamp, sorry! I will see that the interests of the state. I love Bangladesh. I’ll help as much to the country, but to save the kingdom. Narendra Modi’s government says the pact is not alleged that the Kingdom of the ruling BJP, Mamata critic.
Referring to relations with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said she, her relationship with Bangladesh, there is no shortage of interest. Very good relations with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Parsanala a good relationship, a good political relationship. If you were not good, we made chitamahalata, which was 66 years. But all is not available anymore. Where state interests are involved, there should be state priority. And that the two countries would be better, where I can, I will.
The four-day official visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in New Delhi on April 7. This tour is about two dozen agreements and memorandum of understanding with India to be signed, but the Water Resources Anisul Islam Mahmud said, this tour Teesta deal uncertain prospects. Banerjee’s statement, however, indicates that, although the Teesta agreement between Sheikh Hasina’s visit could be finalized. Teesta water-sharing agreement to be finalized over the last 6 years after Mamata’s objection is pending. Sheikh Hasina’s upcoming visit to India before the start of the new speculation. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Dhaka in 011 Teesta deal was expected to be shelved, but pity objection service. The current Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Dhaka in June 015, the raised voice traffic. He assured the finals. On the other hand, President of Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj building with the Prime Minister wants to place Modi Mamata. Pranab than Modi and Sushma considers a good relationship with the compassion of the last Teesta New Delhi was trying to break deadlocks BJP sources said.