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Bagha Mosque in the Rajshahi district, about 40 kilometers south-east at a historic mosque in Bagha upazila. In 1523 Sultan Nasiruddin Shah nasarata Bagha since 1523 chilenamasajidati mosque was established in 1524 Alauddin Hussain Shah, son of the founder of this dynasty was built by Shah Sultan nasarata. Later, during the renovation of the mosque and the mosque domes broken destroyed the mosque in 1897, was given a new roof.


Bagha Mosque situated on 56 acres of land. Approximately 8 to 10 feet high plains from the courtyard of the mosque has been made. Pillars and carvings on the north side of the gate has been destroyed. The mosque has 10 domes. And the 6 pillars inside. 4 Mehrab mosque, which is adorned with highly artistic design. 4 feet in length and 75 feet wide, 4 feet 6 inches in height. The walls 4 feet wide and 8 feet in diameter dome, the height of 1 foot. Chau dome about 30 feet in diameter 0 feet in height. There is an inscription on the door, written in the middle of the Persian language. Box mosque with lime mortar. Mehrab and columns inside and outside the wall. Bagha Mosque, length 2292 m, 1218 m and a height of 4 feet 6 inches in width. To 222 m thick walls. The mosque has a total of 10 domes, minarets 4 and 5 at the entrance. The mosque is surrounded by a wall all around, and the walls of the entrance are two dual. Everywhere inside the mosque outside the terracotta design. Being located next to the mosque is a spectacular place to dighi. Moreover Bagha Sharif mosque is next to a shrine.


Bagha Mosque terracotta
Bagha threads in the mosque with lime and mortar. Beautiful inside and outside the mosque walls and pillars Mehrab said. There are also numerous styles of terracotta, which is the mango, plus the courtyard of the mosque is next to the shrine of Hazrat sahadaula and its five partners. Nasiruddin Shah, the son of Sultan Alauddin Hussain Shah of Bengal nasarata welfare of the people in front of the mosque was a dighi dig. The tank is about 5 acres of land adjacent to Shahi Mosque. The tank is surrounded by rows of coconut trees. During the winter this year dighite kalatane numerous migratory birds crossing the paved area of four tanks were filled othebartamane. Nor is this the mosque adjacent to the shrine of Pir Khakee gem. His grave is on the north side of the shrine. Also corridors from the bottom of the pond was discovered in the soil adjacent to the mosque. In 1997, the shrine by the west side of excavation 30 feet feet size 0 look struck a paved section of the pond. The pond was associated with a tunnel through the curtain. Paved steps down from the inside. There are lots of plaques inside and outside the mosque. Propped up in the corner of the mosque in the north and west have created a special prayer room. This year, the area adjacent to the mosque up to 3 days from the day of Eid-ul-Fitr is organized Bagha. The nearly 500-year tradition melatio.