Child Patient Visiting Doctor's Office

Most adults and children do not initially diagnosed with diabetes. When health complications are severe when diagnosed with diabetes. At present, the number of children with diabetes is a significant increase day by day. Here are some of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes was diagnosed.
Klantih patients with diabetes, the pancreas can not make insulin in the body. As a result, glucose or sugar in the body’s energy-producing cells of the body can not properly reach. Therefore, patients with diabetes have been feeling tired all day.
One of the symptoms of diabetes is the type of toilet to urinate frequently. The disease is seen in children to urinate in bed. At night there is a chance to see the common problems being repeated urine. If you suffer from these problems should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Another laksanabisesa lagah thirst, frequent thirst for diabetes patients that diabetes is one of the signs of the night as frequent thirst for water is lagake.

Yaoyah thin or weakened due to diabetes of insulin in the body is disrupted. For that reason, it is not the proper use of glucose in the body, hinders the growth of cells and the body of a man hayaphale day become thin or weak.

If any of the above symptoms should consult a doctor as soon as possible. And if your children have symptoms of this type of diabetes, according to the doctor without wasting time to take a test. Diabetes medicine at certain times of the serious health problems can be prevented kitoayasidosisa purchase. Providing emotional support for children with diabetes. Bisananataya so that they do not suffer.