Writers pre-independence era bildinsa
Writers bildinsa Secretariat or the Secretariat of Government of West Bengal. The building, which is located in the north of West Bengal capital Kolkata Laldighi bibadibaga region. Established in 1770, the historic Writers’ bildinsera was designed by Thomas Lions. Lions British East India Company in 1776 for the establishment of the European keranidera made nineteen separate apartments. Esegulo had to see the rows of shops. The building is the former name as the name of a writer called keranidera bildinsa-emergence of Writers. Gothic architecture of the building in 1889. Corinthians architectural facade of the building is an example of Neo-Renaissance architecture. Britannia is a statue placed on top of the main entrance.


Writers think bildinsa 1915 pics
Writers bildinsera involved in many ways with the name of the Indian independence movement. On 8 November 1930 the revolutionary Benoy Basu, Badal Gupta and Dinesh Gupta Writers bildinse daring raids of the N karabibhagera. Yes. Simpson was killed. Immediately after the incident, the corridors of the building, security and police forces that clashed with the revolutionary-trilogy fight atrium known as the Secretariat. At the end of the conflict in order to avoid arrest after the liberation in 1947, Badal Gupta, where he committed suicide in West Bengal state secretariat Writers’ bildinsa is turned. At that time, the building was renamed in Bengal Secretariat. However, as the name of the English Writers bildinsa common thing. The office of the chief minister of West Bengal state archives of several government departments, including the State Government mahakarane head office is located.

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