The second day of the Buddha bathing festival in Bandarban buddhadharmalambidera sangraim said. On Friday (14 April) afternoon from the city’s central Rajguru Buddhist temple with Buddha statue on Buddhist monks have rallied. After the rally paraded the main streets of the city on the banks of the river Sangu ujaniparara dharmadesana the chief monk of the Buddhist monastery, U Bandarban Rajguru holding the na thera. Then the Buddha bathing water mixed with sandalwood. With senior monks’ asam srara Buddha statue on the water bath for Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs Bir Bahadur Singh, MP sai. And after the New Year jalakeli tarunira Bandarban Marma community youth festival begins. In the meantime, Deputy Commissioner Dilip Kumar Banik, Superintendent of Police Kumar Roy bauddhadharmalambi sanjita Hundreds of young-young, allowing men and women bathe Buddha. Marma anasrta 1379 calendar today is the first day sakraya. Grani delete all of the old year to the new year with the first invocation ‘asam shower or bathe the living buddhamurtike. If the current state of Akyab, Myanmar Buddha is a statue of him was erected in the city kiyakato. This is part of the statue is made of a series of images sent to different countries. In 1814 came a Bandarban district headquarters of kings Bohmang Rajguru Buddhist monastery is situated. Since that year, this has been common practice to bathe buddhamurtike. The festival’s main stage on Saturday and Sunday, the two-day period jalakeli sangrai. Marma tribe as well as the field of Bengali and local communities will be lost in the event. Religion desana hearing will conclude the celebrations of the new year. On the other hand Friday afternoon at a local king to the tug of war, the little girl fighting cock, offering the game. Plan to celebrate the Bengali nababarsabarana Bandarban Hill District Council organized the peace rally to be colorful. The important roads of the city rally. Then there is the new year’s cultural program. The cakes will be on Friday night, making the rest of the Buddha bathing festival. Celebration Festival on Saturday afternoon at the old year goodbye to the local council udyage to welcome the New Year festival of friendship rain water. The sports competition will continue. Marma tribe cultural program on the artist. Saturday (15 April) afternoon rain water again, friendship, cultural unusthana, raffle and evening cultural program by local and Marma tribe artists. Hundreds of tourists flock to see the Bandarban. The festival bijhu people Chakma community, Marmara Shangrai and baisuka Baishu or say. Collectively this festival is to inform the mountains to passing.