On this day, without thinking of the suffering of the people of the saints of the Awami League have suspended all programs. And it has been instructed by the Prime Minister. On Friday (14 April) in the capital’s Dhanmondi office of Awami League, told reporters after exchanging greetings with the general secretary of the Awami League minister. He does not have any conflict with religion of peace programs, the first day of the rally. So there is no scope for confusion over the issue. He said, to bring education within the framework of the Qaumi madrassas has been recognized by the government. Some of it has been in the custody of coalition with the spreading confusion. He alleged that BNP is supporting the communal forces. Summer festivals in madadei their powers are threatening to prevent discharge. Summer in the spirit of the day, regardless of the party in order to defeat the evil force in state, he urged.