Today, March 25 day of the massacre. Dhurtata operation for maximum success, surprise, deception, and was emphasized as swift. Free and greater force was authorized. Common areas and Hindu areas and the attacks were authorized [1971 5 th March, just a night hatyakandai there was a whole world to civilization, one of the kalankajanaka and the worst massacres in the beginning of .1971 in the Pakistani army massacres the day the way, recognizing the day, the first time Day will be celebrated as a national genocide. From midnight will be celebrated through various programs.

The 25 th National Assembly on March 11, the National Genocide Day celebrations marcake proposal was adopted unanimously. According to the Oxford Dictionary defines genocide Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told Parliament adopted the United Nations Convention on Genocide of December 9, 1948. 015 9 December declared Genocide Day. So we have the opportunity, according to the United Nations Convention on Genocide Day that we can take the 25 th marcake.