We all use Google to find any information. We can ask for nothing at all with Google’s uncle, he will present it to us immediately. But Google’s mama will have to be properly understood what we really want. If not, then the time will be lost, and we and we will not get the desired things. Let’s know if Google is the right way to find information.


Find more web sites like your favorite site
Suppose you are looking for Bangla, but you can not find any other site that is required to find another site that shares a tutorial on your favorite site, then enter the relevant site like: related: Newspaper sites will give search results.

Need a synonym of a specific word?
Google will find synonyms before putting a typed sign (~) before certain words. For example: gorgeous typing, see how many synomes are found.

Define and interpret something
If you want to define something, write colon-
Define: plethora,
Define: MBBS

Asked about the weather of the particular city
Weather: Then enter the city name. Such as weather Dhaka

Know the exact time of sunrise and sunset in the city
In the same way as the weather, you can find sunrise or sunset words by entering the name of the famous city and the time of sunrise and sunset in the city.

Specific file type:
The file type can be specified in Google Search. For example: if you are looking for a PDF file, then type the filetype: pdf and then you can see all the PDF files in the results. Similarly .exe (software)
It is possible to specify many types of file types including .ppt (powerpoint file), .doc (Microsoft Word file), .swf (flash player file) .mp4

Find the Product Key or Serial Key
To find a software product or serial key, type 94fbr / product key / serial key with the software name.

Cracks and Keygen Search
Sometimes the software’s serial key is not available. Then the need for a crack or kegen. Cracks or kiens are also easy to find and follow with Google search.
First, write the name of the software that requires the crack and write the space FBR94 code. For avoiding the cravings of avast such as: avast FBR94

To compare the currency of another country with the currency of one country:
Enter in or between two coins. For example,

Find information from specific sites
If you want to get any information from a particular web site, after entering the information you want to write, then enter the site: Then enter the name of the website. For example:

Google Converter:
Google can convert from one unit to another unit. For example,
Mile in kilometer
Meter to feet

Do you want to calculate a japat? Use Google as a calculator.
For example: 13 * 2.5

Advanced Search:
If you search for a few times in Google, then you can not find the appropriate results. In those cases, searching the search results by clicking on the advanced search by clicking on the short search box next to Google’s search box.