Battle of Tarain took place from 1191 to 1192 near Thaneshwar near present-day Hariyana near Taavain. This place is situated 150 kilometers (93 miles) north of Delhi. The battles took place between the Chauhan Rajput army under the leadership of Ghumr-Ghouri and under the leadership of Prithviraj Chauhan, Muhammad Ghori won the Bhatinda fort in Punjab in 1191. That place was the border area of ​​Prithviraj Chauhan. Prithviraj crossed the Bhatinda and faced the opponent near Thaneswar at Tarain, a place called. The fight started by shooting the cavalry cavalry at the middle of the opponent. Prithviraj’s forces attacked counter-attacks on three sides and dominated the war. As a result the ghats are behind. Muhammad Ghar was injured in personal fight with Prithviraj’s brother Govinda Taiyi. In that battle, Prithviraj was able to resist the ghoris. After returning to the embarkation, Muhammad Ghar started preparing for a counter attack. After reaching Lahore, he sent an envoy to Prithviraj to express loyalty. Prithviraj refused to call this call. Prithviraj then called the other Rajput leaders to stand beside him. According to historian Farishta, the Rajput army had 3,000 elephants, 3,00,000 cavalry and infantry soldiers. But this number is considered much more than the exact number. Minhaj-e-Siraj wrote that there were 120,000 armed soldiers in Muhammad Ghuri’s army.

Prithviraj was expecting some more time as allies did not come. After receiving this news, Muhammad sent a letter to Prithviraj with the proposal of a clause. Before the start of the morning, the Firing Force started an attack against the Rajputs. Muhammad Ghuri divided his army into five units. Four units attacked the side and rear of the Rajput army. Its attack in the side fails, but the fight continues. Muhammad Ghori ordered his fifth unit to flee to avoid breaking the rows of Rajputs. Rajputs attacked the unit of retreat. As a result, the stability of Prithviraj’s forces would be lost. At the same time, along with the attack of the side, 12,000 cavalry attacking ghiris started. As a result, the rajputs were defeated. Prithviraj was arrested and later sentenced to death.

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